Tawre is condemned and taken to jail

Seems that Gathbandhan viewers will feel a bit happy after all, cause today’s events will come up with some good news, not only for the viewers of the show but also for Raghu lovers.

Tawre is now known to be a bad cop, who exploits his powers to blackmail people, Tawre knows that Dhanak doubts his integrity as an officer, as a kind of challenge, he shows her his ring which he later destroys, as it is the only evidence she might have against him, he admits that he put some black money into Raghu’s bag, at that point Dhanak tells him he will be punished for what he does, eventually.

Raghu feels disgusted of the police uniform, Dhanak is ironing,  she tells him that it is wrong to consider all police officers the same as Tawre, Raghu goes to his stall where he finds Tawre, at that point, he starts shouting, telling the people that Tawre is beating him because he refuses to give him things for free, without paying money, Tawre acts as if it was a joke but promised to take revenge.

Dhanak knowing all what happened orders Tawre to pay Raghu his money and apologize or else, she will put him in jail, he accompanies her to Raghu’s stall, with the intention to humiliate him, Dhanak thinks he is up to something, which might cause great damage to her husband, all of a sudden some police officers arrive from Hyder Abad condemning Tawre of some illegal actions that will keep him in jail for a while, now his plan to insult Raghu was not successful after all.

Will Raghu and Dhanak face along their way other obstacles or they will lead a quiet happy life, that’s what you will know by watching Gathbandhan at midnight from Monday to Friday on Colors TV.

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