The excitement of Valentine’s Week is at peak during this time. Hence no one wants to leave any lack in impress those special one. And now in this row today is especially all girls favorite Teddy Day. We try to depict different color teddies reflecting distinct feelings. Therefore, on this special occasion, we would tell you about which color teddy suits most to some most beloved and favorite couples of ITV.

Green Teddy for MishBir:

Green teddy signifies waiting for true love in other words it shown you are loyal to your loved one. And it’s no matter what the situation comes ahead, you will always love and wait lifelong for those. So we would like to give this teddy to Abir-Mishti because even after facing many difficulties and hurdles probably created by Meenakshi in midst their love. They just loving only each other and waiting for togetherness.

Purple Teddy for MayRa:

If you give a purple teddy to someone, then it shows the confusion of your heart. Or as easily say the time between friendship and love, that’s why we think the purple  teddy suits Maya-Rudra best. Because at this time, Maya also in confusion about her feelings to Rudra. But we and the audience are hopeful. Maya will definitely get rid of all the confusion soon, and then she will fall in love with Rudra, and these both will be together.

Blue Teddy for AnuPre:

The blue color mainly symbolizes the sky and sea and both are infinite. And offering a blue teddy to someone implies that you have so much never ending love in depths of your heart for those. So this one is absolutely for Anupre, because they were are so much into love but their luck plays hard always. Hence they can’t be together for long everytime sky and sea. So, through this teddy we hope they realize how much they both love each other and now they should be together anyhow forever.

Pink Teddy for PreeRan:

Giving pink teddy to someone whom you love unconditionally and truthfully. However we thought this color teddy is perfectly goes with Karan-Preeta because both of them love each other unconditionally and have immense trust on each other. And this teddy will surely give their love a fresh start after much hard time.

Red Teddy for KaIra:


Giving red teddy to someone indicates that you will support them, at every step of life. And you are serious about to take this relationship on next level. And we would like to Kartik-Naira to get compliments for their undoubted amazing chemistry. They share similar bond and showing their love on each other.

Which is your favorite couple and which teddy you wish to give heartly. Tell us in comments, until then. Let’s Get Buzzing…!!!