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The episode starts with Gopika saya that they thought about themself for Kesari for Shradha Chirag and everyone except Ashi. Saksham agrees with her. Gopika tells that Ashi needed them in the most difficult times. Saksham says she is right and they both goes to see Ashi. Shradha tells Kesari that she don’t care what other’s think whatever she did is because of her for her future only.

Ashi comes there and claps her hand loudly. Shradha goes to Ashi and pleads her not to make any noises because Kesari will wake up. Ashi refuses to listen to her and tells her that she wants Kesari to know about her mother who used to roam around with men before marriage also instead of telling her the truth about her father she trapped someone else and fooled everyone. Shradha pleads Ashi to not to doubt on her intentions.

Ashi tells that she will doubt on her intentions and calls her characterless. Shradha gets angry and tells her that she took care of her kid all this while with a proper care and when she told Chirag that he has a kid of his own instead of accepting his child he tried to put Kesari’s responsibilities on Saksham so instead of taunting her why can’t she go and talk to her husband the same and call him characterless.

Ashi asks her to shut up and tells her to stop giving her lectures. She asks Shradha she said that she is taking care of Kesari all this while alone then what is the need for her to come here. Is this because she learnt Chirag Chirag belongs to Modi family who owns a diamond business.

Shradha tells if she had to do this then she would have done it a long time back if she is after money and reminds her Chirag’s words saying he is attracted to her not the other way around. She also tells Ashi unlike her who is after money trapped Chirag and married him she is her for her daughter Kesari. Ashi gets furious and slaps Shradha. Kesari wakes up and asks what’s happening. Shradha lies to her that they are having a conversation and makes her go back to her sleep. She then warns not to make any sound to disturb her daughter.

Ashi gets angry and tells that she dont want Shradha and Kesari to be in this house and tries to drag Shradha out of the room. Saksham and Gopika comes there and takes Ashi with them. Saksham tells Ashi that what Chirag did is a huge mistake but his intentions aren’t wrong so plead her to give him a chance and forgive him.

Ashi laughs and asks Saksham is he forgive Chirag yet. She also asks will he ever forgive incase he and Shradha get married after that the truth about Kesari’s father comes out. Saksham and Gopika becomes speechless. Ashi tells that she can’t tolerate these insults any more so she is going to her mother’s house and packs her things without listening to the please of Saksham and Gopika. Chirag watches everything from outside the room.

Mithila tells Keshav and Minal don’t know what happened because of which Gopika called them here at this odd hour. Saksham and Gopika comes there. Mithila Keshav and Minal asks them is everything okay. Gopika tells that Ashi left the house shocking them.

Mithila asks God why this all happening to them. Minal tells that this is all Chirag’s fault so why Ashi left the house and says that they have to bring Ashi home at any cost. She pleads Saksham and Gopika to do anything to bring her back and tells that she is also ready to go with them to convince Ashi.

Mithila tells that no one will go to bring Ashi home because its Chirag’s responsibility. She also talks about Saksham and Gopika’s relationship and the hardships they face together yet not even left one another side so Chirag has to understand this and fulfill his responsibilities as a husband.

Gopika tells Mithila that she is right that it’s their mistake they pampered Chirag and didn’t let him take his responsibility but here onwards he is the one who has to do everything to solve this problem. Keshav agrees with both Gopika and Mithila. Chirag watches this from far. Rajjo goes to Munna who happily looks at something in his mobile. She scolds him and asks him how come he can be so relaxed when much going on this house. She also tells him that whatever happening with Ashi and Kesari is not right.

Ashi left the house also Kesari is still thinking Saksham is her father but no one here wanted to tell her the truth. She further says that Keshav is determined to let Saksham marry Shradha but why he is remaining silent and not asking Chirag to marry Shradha. Munna tells Saksham and Shardha’s marriage decision is taken by Gopika. He also tells that he feels bad for both Ashi and Kesari and they have to tell Kesari the truth about her father.

The next day Mithila and the family members does a puja. Mithila tells everyone the meaning of the mantras she told during the puja and pleads God to do something to stop their family breaking like this. Kesari goes to her and asks why they all are sad also with whom wrong things happened.

Mithila tells sometimes in an most unexpected time bad things happen to good people. Kesari tells that Shradha told her bad things will happen to bad people only. She asks Saksham to tell the same but Saksham tells that sometimes due to situation bad things happen to good people also. Kesari compares her with what Saksham told but Gopika and Keshav tells her she is too good and nothing wrong will happen to her and send her away from there.

Ramila tells Ashi that she wont spare the Modi’s for what Chirag did to her. She also asks her why she left the house and suggests her to file a divorce and demand alumni just like Gopika but Ashi scolds her for not caring about her life but still after the money and goes to her room. Kesari tells Shradha about the dress she is going to wear on Shradha’s marriage.

She also tells that she wants to see her parents getting married. Shradha thinks about whatever happened along with Gopika and Ashi’s insults. She hugs Kesari and thinks to herself that she isn’t going to tolerate any of these anymore. She will make sure Chirag accept her as his wife and Kesari as his daughter for that she will do anything and looks on with determination.

Precap: Gopika asks Shradha is she doing all this to take revenge on Ashi. Shradha tells she is doing this to get her rights which she will get it at any cost. Saksham vows Shradha to not to let her succeed in her plan.

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