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The episode starts with Mithila packs her things. Gopika goes to her room and asks is she going somewhere. Mithila tells Gopika that she is going to Ashram because there is so much going on in family and she needs peace that’s why. Gopika gets emotional and Mithila asks her the reason. Gopika tells Mithila that since the day she comes to the house not even once she was alone because she was with her in her all ups and downs but now her decision to go to Ashram makes her emotional.

Mithila tells Gopika that she will return home in few days. She also tells Saksham that she is so lucky to have Gopika as her daughter in law who loves and takes care of her. Gopika tells she is the one who is lucky to have her as her mother in law because even after learning she is uneducated and dont have a family she chose her as her daughter in law. Mithila and Gopika hugs each other. Mithila asks Saksham and Gopika to solve the issues that’s happening in this house. Saksham asks Mithila is this really need for her to go to ashram.

Mithila tells yes also says she have faith in both of them that they make everything back to normal like before. Chirag goes to Ramila’s house. Ramila gets angry seeing him and asks him whether Shradha and Kesari left the house or are they still staying there. Chirag refuses to tell her anything and asks her about Ashi’s whereabouts. Ashi from her room hears everything. Ramila tells Chirag that she wont let him meet Ashi because its clear they are still in the house and she don’t want her daughter to go to take care of his illegitimate child.

Chirag asks Ramila to not to say anything against Kesari and starts searching for Ashi. He goes to her room and tells her from the other side of the room that he was worried no one will understand him and his fear also come true now the way they all are treating him and pleads her to go home with him and promises to make everything normal.

Ramila tells Chirag to either throw Shradha and Kesari out of the house or else give divorce to Ashi along with fifty percent of his property as her alumni. Ashi opens the door and scolds her mother for not understanding her feelings and being greedy in this situation also. Ramila leaves the place. Ashi tells Chirag that she will come to the house only Shradha and Kesari leaves and goes inside and locks the door. Hiten tells Chirag that he will try to make Ashi understand everything. Chirag leaves the house sadly.

Ramila talks to a lawyer on the call. She scolds the lawyer for asking so much money as a fees saying he will search another lawyer. Tejal goes to her and asks her what is she doing. Ramila refuses to tell her. Tejal tells that she knows she is talking to the lawyer about Ashi and Chirag’s divorce. She tells her that Ashi don’t want money. She is heartbroken in this situation she needs her family that’s why she came here why can’t she understand this.

Ramila tells Tejal that money is everything in this world with that only the Modi’s insulted her so much so she wont spare them for sure. She also accuses Tejal for trying to save the Modi’s money. Hiten comes there and warns Ramila to not to say anything against Tejal and takes Tejal with him from there. In Modi house Saksham stops Shradha and asks her what she told to Kesari. Shradha tells that she told her her mother and father is getting married.

Saksham asks her why did she lied to her. Shradha tells she didn’t lied to her because she want Chirag to marry her and accept her and Kesari’s responsibilities shocking both Saksham and Gopika. They both asks her is she lost her mind or something because Chirag is married to Ashi. Shradha tells that she don’t care about anyone or anything because Ashi insulted her so much by calling her by names. She isn’t going to tolerate any of this.

Also everyone is blaming her and treating her like this and try to save Chirag but he is also equally fault. Infact after he learnt the truth about having a kid of his own he tried to put that responsibility on Saksham. Now she want her rights and Kesari’s so she will go to any extent to get it . Gopika asks Shradha is she want to take revenge from Ashi for the words she thrown at her in anger and tells her that Ashi’s marriage life is at stake and that too because of her and Chirag.

Shradha tells that she dont want to hear anything she has taken a decision. Saksham tells Shradha that he will never let her succeed in her plans but Shradha promises him back that she will get what she want at any cost and leaves the place. Gopika tells Saksham that they have to bring Ashi back to house then they can think about stopping Shradha. Saksham agrees.

Shradha goes to Keshav’s room. Keshav asks her the reason behind her visiting him and questions about Kesari’s well being. Shradha tells in this whole house the only person who worries about Kesari is him only. She then asks him that he agreed to let her marry Saksham when he thought Kesari was his then why not he approve her marriage with Chirag.

Keshav tells Kesari the situation is different now because now Ashi left the house also they can’t force them to do something which they don’t want to. Shradha asks Keshav that he is worried about his daughter in law but not about his granddaughter and tells him that if he dont approve her marriage with Chirag then she will leave the house with Kesari and leaves the room.

Later Chirag goes to meet Keshav. The latter tells him that he is upset and angry with him for what he did to this family but they have to move on from it and take a decision for everyone’s benefit and asks him to marry Shradha in that way he wont lose his granddaughter. Chirag tells Keshav that he is married to Ashi and the latter loves him so he will convince Ashi and they can adopt Kesari. Keshav tells Chirag that Ashi isn’t Gopika who sacrifices everything for other’s or family members.

He then tells the Chirag to name him some huge amount of property. He can be equally respected afterwards just like Saksham and he can be a hero infront of Kesari. Minal comes there and scolds him for manipulating Chirag. Keshav warns Minal and tells her it’s his final decision in which he will get succeed in it.

Precap: Ashi comes to Modi house with Saksham and Gopika. She gets shocked seeing Chirag and Shradha is performing marriage rituals. She fights with Chirag. Saksham tells Keshav that they knows he will go to any extent but never thought he will stoop this low.

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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 13th June 2022 Written Update: Ashi gets into a fight with Shradha