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The episode starts with Gopika talks to Mithila over the call. She asks Mithila is she reached the place safely. Mithila tells that she reached safe and she getting a peace of mind she needed. She then asks how is she what’s happening in the house. Gopika tells Mithila whatever happened. Mithila gets shocked and says to Gopika that she never thought that Keshav can stoop this level. She further says that the people in the house like Shradha and Keshav are trying to use Chirag’s helpless situation just like Shradha used Kesari.

Gopika agrees with her. Mithila tells they shouldn’t let this happen. Gopika assures her that she will do everything to make everything right. She also tells that she wishes in this hard time she is with them. Mithila assures her that she will return soon. Other side Ashi talks to Ramila over the phone call.

Ramila asks her about the situation in the family. She also advices Ashi to follow instructions of Gopika because Gopika always wanted the good for her only. Ashi tells she knows Gopika always wishes the good for her but she is feeling bad the way she treated Gopika. Ramila asks Ashi to not to blame her because it’s her mistake. She then tells Ashi to never forget even after she tried everything to save her marriage life if she unable to do it then her parents house are always open for her.

Ashi gets emotional and tells Ramila that she is recalling her wedding moments with Chirag. She then sees someone is putting few papers through the door space. She takes the papers in her hand and gets shocked. She cuts the call of Ramila saying she will talk to her later. In the living room both Keshav and Shradha advices Chirag to not to fall into Saksham and Gopika’s words who are unnecessarily creating problem and stopping him from doing what is right. Ashi throws the divorce papers at them and shouts who sent her this.

Chirag gets shocked seeing the divorce papers. Other family members also comes to the living room and gets shocked seeing the divorce papers. Ashi asks Chirag is he the one who send her this. Chirag says no but Ashi taunts him saying how can she able to believe his words when all he tell is lies. She then asks Keshav is he the one who sent her the divorce papers saying that he is the one who doing everything to protect his heir. Keshav remains silent.

Ashi asks Shradha the same but the latter tells her that she dont think she need to answer her questions. Ashi taunts the person who sent her the divorce papers saying that whoever it is they have to come infront of her and fight with her not like this. Shradha and Keshav decides to leave but Ashi stops them and tears the divorce papers throws the pieces everywhere then tells them this is her answer to the divorce papers they sent her. Keshav and Shradha leaves the place.

Ashi cries in her room. Chirag goes to her. Ashi asks him why he didn’t stopped her from leaving the house. Also afterwards he didnt tried to bring her back home. Chirag tells her he tried to meet her many times but Ramila stopped him. He also says even she herself refused to meet her. Ashi tells him its because she was upset with him. Chirag tells even he was broken. He further says no one in this family talked to him after she left the house. He dont know what to do.

When Shradha and Keshav talked to him he realised his mistake that he did to Kesari so that’s the reason he decides to marry Shradha inorder to stoop low in the eyes of Kesari also to make it up to her for whatever he snatched her from her. Ashi asks Chirag what happened to their relationship. He is the one who always said they are perfect match they fight a lot but they will always make it up to each other. She then asks is he the one who sent her the divorce papers. Chirag says no.

Ashi asks him again is he going to give up on their marriage life. Chirag says no. Ashi gets happy and says to Chirag that they both together do everything in their power to save their marriage life. Later Ashi goes to Shradha’s room and sees her crying. She taunts her asking why she is crying because she is the one who trying to ruin her marriage life. Shradha tells her that she has no interest in talk to her.

Ashi refuses to leave her and insults her by asking why she didnt go somewhere else but came here. She accuses her for trying to ruin both Saksham-Gopika also her marriage life with Chirag. She also asks her to tell her the amount she want to leave the house. Shradha taunts her by reminding it’s her who married Chirag for money then why she is acting like she is in love with him. She also offers her money to leave Chirag’s life.

She also tells all this while she did everything in her power to give everything to Kesari but now Chirag has to take his responsibilities related to Kesari. Ashi tells Shradha that she never know what a wife is going through in this situation because she isn’t married. They both challenges each other then Ashi leaves the room.

Gopika goes to Keshav’s room and asks him why did he called her here. Keshav tells Gopika that he knows she isn’t agreeing with few of his decisions but whatever he is doing is to protect his heir also for the family’s well being. Gopika asks what kind of good thing happen by snatching his own son Chirag’s happiness.

Keshav gets angry and tells Gopika to leave the house if she wont support his decision. He also asks to take Ashi with her then return after Shradha and Chirag gets married. Gopika gets shocked. Mithila comes there and tells that Gopika won’t leave the house. Gopika gets happy seeing Mithila. Mithila taunts Keshav. They all hears Shardha is shouting so they all goes to see what happened.

Shradha asks the person to come infront of her who send her a letter and blank cheque. She also calls the person being coward hiding their identity. She further tells whoever send her this insulted her and she wont spare them. Ashi comes there and asks why Shradha is creating a drama. Shradha accuses her for sending blank cheque but the latter refuses but reads the letter which Shradha received and says that she agrees with the person who sent her this.

Shradha shouts and asks the person to come infront of her and stop being a coward. Minal comes there and tells Shradha she is not a coward and she is the one who sent her this shocking everyone. She further tells that she will do everything to save her children’s happiness. Keshav gets angry and asks Minal how could she go against his wish.

Minal tells him that till now she never went against his wish but now her children are more important so their happiness so she will do everything in her power to save their happiness and life. Shradha taunts Minal and warns her saying that she insulted a mother who is here for her daughter’s right. For what she did she has to face the consequences and she wont spare anyone. The family members look on worried.

Precap: Kesari holds Saksham’s hand and cries. Chirag brings Kesari to him and tells her that he made a huge mistake and so her mother by hiding the truth from her and tells its him who is her father also pleads her to forgive him. Kesari looks at Shradha and the latter looks down.

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