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The episode starts with Mithila asks is the kid is visible to her only or is there is a kid for real. Gopika says she is a kid who is visible to all of us. Mithila asks Kesari who is she. Gopika asks the same. Kesari points at all four men in the house. They all gets confused. Gopika asks them do they know who she is. Munna says yes she is friend’s daughter. Gopika asks whose friend. They all points at one another and says the other person’s friend’s daughter.

Ashi asks how come one kid can become all four of their friends daughter. Chirag Keshav and Munna points at Saksham and says it’s his friends daughter. Saksham gets annoyed but says yes it’s his friends daughter. Mithila questions them then why they have problem telling the same earlier and acted weirdly. Keshav and Munna says they aren’t aware so they got confused.

Chirag says now their confusion get cleared. Mithila asks where is the friend. Saksham and everyone says that he went. Mithila Minal and Ashi questions about Saksham’s friend. Saksham tells that he will explain everything and says his friend who is from USA returning USA. He made the admission for Kesari in boarding school but still the school is not opened yet so he made her stay here. He further says that due to the issue he left without meeting anyone. Gopika asks Kesari what’s her name. Saksham says its Kesari. Gopika asks Kesari about her mother. The mysterious women hears everything through Kesari’s earphone.

Saksham tells Gopika that Kesari can’t able to talk also her hearing capacity is not that great that’s the reason she is wearing a hearing an ear machine. Everyone gets shocked. Mithila tells everyone that hereafter no one should ask Kesari about her mother because she dont want to upset Kesari. They all obliges. Gopika assures Kesari that she will be safe here. Kesari and Gopika hugs each other. The mysterious women hears everything.

Saksham gets ready for his office. Gopika helps him get ready. Gopika says to Saksham that she knows all of his school friends but why didn’t he told her about Kesari’s father. Saksham tells Gopika that he forget to tell her about Kesari’s father. Gopika asks Saksham that Kesari’s father must be really close to him that’s the reason he left his daughter here. How could he forget to tell her about such close friend. Saksham gets angry and says that he forget. Gopika gets shocked hearing Saksham’s outburst so she tells him she is just asking its because they both never hide anything from one another.

Saksham tells Gopika all he is saying is he is not hiding anything all he just saying he just forget then asks her to ignore this and says that he is going to office. Gopika looks at him confusedly. Saksham feels guilty for hiding the truth from Gopika and recalls the letter. He decides to take the letter before Gopika finds it. Gopika asks what happened to which Saksham lies that he forget an important file.

Gopika insists that she will take that file from the cupboard. Saksham gets worried and pushes her forcibly towards him. Gopika questions Saksham’s behavior. Saksham distracts her by twirling her. He then searches for the letter and gets shocked learning the letter is not with him. Gopika asks him why he looks worried. Saksham tells that the file must be somewhere else. He will find it and leaves the room. Gopika gets upset and worried about Saksham’s behavior.

Mithila asks Kesari to have food. Kesari happily nods her head okay. The mysterious women hears everything from the other side. Saksham comes to the living room and tries to get attention of Keshav Munna and Chirag but all three of them happily have their food without noticing Saksham. Gopika comes there and asks Saksham what is he doing here. Mithila interrupts their conversation and says to Saksham and Gopika to join them to have breakfast.

They both obliges. Saksham goes and sits beside Keshav. He looks at all the ladies and thinks to himself that no one find or read the letter that’s why nothing big happened yet. Minal finds the similarities between Keshav and Kesari. Rajjo and Ashi also finds the similarities between their husbands and Kesari which lead the men to look at one another accusingly. Mithila tells its weird because Kesari is Saksham’s friend yet she is having these similarities. She then asks them to concentrate on food.

Saksham thinks to tell the other three of them about the letter is missing. He informs Keshav the letter is missing. Keshav informs Chirag and Chirag informs Munna and Munna informs Kesari and Kesari smiles. Gopika asks what letter they are talking about. Saksham tells the file he is searching for in which there is an important letter which is missing.

Kesari recalls how she took the letter from the cupboard and takes the letter and starts waving at Mithila. Gopika asks Saksham is this the letter he is searching for. Munna snatches it from Kesari. Rajjo snatches it from Munna saying she wants to know what is he hiding. Chirag snatches it from Rajjo and Ashi snatches it from Chirag and says they have the rights to read. Keshav snatches it from Ashi and says its Saksham’s friends letter so it’s not right to read personal letter. Gopika takes the letter and says that Saksham told it’s an official letter and gives it to Mithila.

Mithila says that Kesari waved the letter at her so she will read the letter which makes Kesari happy but all four of them looks worried. Saksham gets an idea and takes the letter from Mithila’s hand saying his friend stated his financial condition to him in this letter which he can’t disclose it. Ramila and Tejal decides to act like the other person for one day under Hiten’s instructions. Mithila and Gopika talks about how the men in the family acting weird for the last few days and wonders is this related to Kesari.

Precap: Chirag tells Saksham that he is having this strange feeling how come a girl can have all the problem at once like Kesari we are missing something. Mithila goes to do puja. Kesari takes her blessings and starts singing a puja song which shocks Mithila and family members. Mithila questions Saksham that he told Kesari can’t talk but here she is singing so what’s happening. Saksham looks on worried.

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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 18th May 2022 Written Update: Saksham scolds Kesari