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The episode starts with Mithila asks the inspector what is he doing here. Inspector tells that there is a criminal who is staying under their Modi’s house and her name is Subhadra. Gopika asks the inspector what she did to which the inspector says that thirty years before Subhadra killed her husband. Mithila glares at Keshav and looks away. Minal looks confused. Inspector shows the news paper of Subhadra in which it state that Subhadra killed her husband shocking everyone.Gopika tells the inspector that he get some wrong information about Subhadra because Subhadra is from Mithila’s village and they are taking care of her all this while as she is mentally unstable and she goes nowhere to go. She then asks Mithila to tell the inspector that this is the truth. Mithila remains silent which leads Saksham to question her why she is silent. Inspector asks the family members to tell where is Subhadra and warns them to take them to the police station if they refuses to tell him.

Ashi tells the officers where is Subhadra’s room and they all goes inside. Gopika decides to follow but stops when one of the worker comes there and gives a letter to Gopika saying someone left this letter and asked to give it to her only. Gopika gets confused then when she sees it’s a letter from Priya Gopika wonders what is Priya upto and opens the letter. Meanwhile the police officers drags Subhadra out of her room and the latter pleads them to leave her saying she has done nothing.

Gopika reads the letter in which it written that Gopika that her in law’s hide a truth from her about Subhadra. She further reads in which it’s state that Subhadra is none other than her own mother who happened to kill her father thirty years back. Gopika Saksham Ashi and Chirag gets shocked and confused. Minal and Keshav looks scared and worried and Mithila remains silent.

Gopika recalls her interactions with Subhadra including the sketch which Subhadra draw and looks on shocked. Gopika says that Subhadra ji is her mother. They all hear Subhadra asking the officers to leave her. Gopika sees and recalls Subhadra’s hug also her marriage rituals performed by Subhadra. Ashi reads that Subhadra killed Gopika’s mother. Subhadra pleads the family members to not to let her go. Gopika looks at her crying. Subhadra goes to Gopika and refuses to leave her hand but the officers drag her away out. Gopika looks at this all the while silently. Ashi tells Gopika that Priya is trying to play with her mind and asks her to not to believe it. Minal and Chirag also asks Gopika to not to believe this letter saying Priya is trying to ruin their happiness. Saksham also agrees with them and tells how could Gopika fail to recognise her mother also she has seen her mother’s photo so asks Gopika to not to fall into Priya’s words.

Keshav also asks Gopika to not to believe. Gopika asks Saksham to read the last two lines and Saksham reads it states that Ramila showed another women photo. Gopika tells that she is having a feeling whatever written in this letter is true. She then tells that she wants to ask Ramila the truth. Ramila receives a call from Ashi. Ashi asks her to tell that is this true that she showed another women photo and misguided her as her mother. Ramila gets shocked and asks Ashi why she is asking all this. Chirag asks Ramila to tell the truth by swearing on Ashi.

Gopika and Saksham also pleads Ramila to tell the truth. Ramila thinks that she can’t lie now and says that she showed another women photo and misguided Gopika all the while shocking Gopika Saksham and Ashi Chirag. Chirag asks the reason behind it but Ramila asks him to ask about this to his parents and cuts the call making Saksham Gopika Ashi and Chirag confused.

Gopika realises Ramila’s words and asks Minal to tell whether its true that Subhadra is her mother. Minal cries and remains silent. Gopika shouts saying she have the rights to know and goes to Keshav who also remains silent first then tells that Ramila is not s trustworthy person so asks her to not to take her word seriously. Mithila asks him to stop it and tells Gopika that Subhadra is indeed her mother and she dont have any idea why Ramila misguided her. Gopika gets shocked. She asks Mithila why did she hide this from her. Mithila remains silent. She thinks that she recently learned this truth and to process this truth she needed a time and how she will make this understand to Gopika. Minal pleads Gopika saying they know about this few days before only.

Gopika shouts at her saying they failed to tell her the truth right away and watched her taking care of her mother not aware of the facts. She then takes the letter and reads that Keshav and Minal locked Subhadra for the last thirty years. Mithila knows this and to save them both she remained silent shocking Saksham Gopika and Ashi Chirag. Gopika repeats the words that Subhadra was locked in a room for thirty years and wonders what she must have went through. Saksham demands answers from Mithila and Keshav-Minal but they remains silent.

Later Gopika goes to Subhadra’s room and recalls the moments she shared with her and lies on the bed. Saksham calls Gopika’s name which lead Gopika to come out of the memories of Subhadra. She then sees so many sketches that a man pointing a gun at another man and tells Saksham that Subhadra is trying to tell her something. Saksham agrees with her and tells but he dont understand what is she trying to tell this through this sketch. They both looks confused.

Precap: Gopika tells everyone that she knows very well the one who pointing a gun at her father is Keshav only. She then asks Mithila to swear on her and tell the truth. Mithila tells that its Saksham’s father shocking everyone. Later Gopika vows infront of God to punish those who are involved in running her family and Saksham and Mithila stands behind her.

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