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Episode starts with Daksh asking Krisha about their favourite movie, which they always watches. Krisha gets tensed and looks at Devraj, while latter handles the situation by telling the movie name. Daksh gets happy and ask Krisha to come with him. She stops eating and gets up to go along with him, while he sees that she haven’t finished her food and ask her to join after having her dinner. He goes while Krisha sits along with Devraj to eat. Whereas, Dev apologises to her for causing trouble. He says that because of him Krisha is struggling.

Here, Krisha assures him that soon everything is going to be fine. She says that Daksh will recover soon. He feels guilty for everything, while at that time they hears Daksh’s scream and rushes towards his room. They gets shocked Daksh hiding behind his bed and Krisha goes to comfort him.

Daksh says that when he switched on the television, he saw something which reminded him about their accident and that is why he gets scared. He holds Krisha tightly and ask her to never leave him. She assures him and sits along with him on the bed. He stays closer to her, while Devraj feels insecure. Krisha also gets uncomfortable and holds Devraj’s hand.

Elsewhere, Daksh ask Devraj to leave and switch off the lights as Maya never watched movie with lights on. Devraj agrees and goes out looking at Krisha. He off the light and leaves, while Roma meets him. She ask about the matter seeing him tensed and ask him that everything is going according to their plan then why he isn’t happy? She reminds him that he only brought Krisha to transform her into Maya, so that Daksh can recover.

Devraj says that Krisha is not Maya and controls his feelings in front of Roma. He blames himself for her condition, while Roma thinks about her plan to get Devraj. Later, Krisha comes back to her room and says that she is hungry. Devraj smiles and both have their dinner together.

Ahead, Krisha says that she have to work more hard to be like Maya. Devraj gets frustrated hearing her and reminds her that she is not Maya and ask her to be like she is. Whereas, she states that she have to transform in order to cure Daksh, but Devraj gets furious telling that he can’t see her struggling because of him. She tells that it’s only have been a day, since she started acting to be Maya and ask Devraj to have patience.

Krisha states that Devraj isn’t at fault and ask him to stop blaming himself. She assures that soon Daksh will get fine and they will be happy together. She also insists him to accept his feelings for herself. She ask him to come out of guilt and live his life. He says that he can’t overcome the fact that everything messed up because of him. She denies telling that he isn’t at fault and states that he also deserve happiness.

Further, Krisha ask Devraj to accept his feelings for her, while he nods agreeing to her. At that time Daksh comes there while Krisha immediately changes into Maya. He takes her to show his paintings, while Jaya comes inside Devraj’s room. She sees him in pain and ask to confess his feelings for Krisha. He denies to do it stating that he is inauspicious as whoever comes close to him dies. She tries to make him understand, but he states that he can’t take risk with Krisha as he can’t live without her. Meanwhile, Roma hears their conversation.

The end.