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Episode starts with Krisha remembering Devraj and Maya’s marriage video and gets restless. She tries to console herself stating that Devraj have told her the truth. She turns and looks at Devraj doing his work, she messages him that she couldn’t able to sleep while he ask her to close her eyes. She types that she couldn’t able to close her eyes when he is in front of her. She also states that she wants him to be near her, while he ignores her message and ask to sleep. He goes away to his room, while she tries to sleep.

Here, Ugra gets inside Jaya’s room and confronts her for giving their family necklace to Krisha. Jaya says that she have done as per the ritual, while Ugra says that she always wanted that necklace. Ugra talks ill about Krisha, while Jaya warns her. She also orders her not to talk about Maya in front of Krisha and makes her understand that Krisha is a part of their family.

Ugra gets furious and leaves from there while Naina hears their conversation and stops Ugra. She says that they have to do something about Krisha orelse she will snatch a their belongings. Ugra smirks saying that she will intentionally talks about Maya in front of Krisha, while Naina praises Ugra’s plan.

Elsewhere, Devraj feels guilty and thinks that how Krisha will react after learning the truth. He states that she will hate him after the revelation of truth and worries that how he could able to live with her hatred.

Krisha wakes up at night and sees a women wearing veil. She gets scared and runs away. She tries to hide and goes out of her room. She thinks how to call Devraj as she forgot her phone inside the room. The women comes in front of Krisha making her afraid and she falls inside the swimming pool. She shouts Devraj’s name, while he comes there to rescue Krisha.

Ahead, Roma injects something inside the women and takes her away along with Jaya. Meanwhile, Devraj jumps inside the swimming pool and saves Krisha. He takes her out, while she states that someone was there. He tries to calm her and says that no one was there. She ask if he doesn’t believe her? To which he denies and says that maybe she got scared by some of their maid.

Krisha hugs him to takes comfort while he sends her inside her room. She says that soon they will be together, while he clinches his teeth. Krisha gets a nightmare and sees Roma to be the women with veil. In the morning she tells Jaya and Devraj about her suspicion on Roma, while they laughs.

Further, Raghav comes back home late at night while Ugra confronts him. She questions him about his behaviour while he says that she already knows how he gets affected by Devraj and his wife. He says that he will snatch whatever he wants and will take his revenge.

Roma brings a maid and says that she have a habit of sleep walking and she went inside Krisha’s room. The maid apologises to Krisha. Later, Devraj states that they have to shift his secret to somewhere else as they can’t take risk of her being inside the house. Jaya says that she had some purpose to keep her there, while Roma states that Devraj have to get near Krisha for their plan. He instructs to shift the women during his and Krisha’s reception.

The end.