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Episode starts with Vamika and Jaya plotting against Krisha. The latter puts oil on the staircase and then Jaya acts to slip there. She screams in pain, while Vamika shouts for help. At that time everyone gathers there and Devraj gets worried for Jaya. He carries her towards the sofa and makes her sit. Vamika shows the oil box and says that someone intentionally poured it on the staircase in order to make Jaya slip. Gajvardhan states that who can fall so low, just in order to hurt Jaya? Whereas, Ugra looks at Krisha and mocks her indirectly.

Here, Devraj also stares at Krisha while everyone starts looking at her. She gets confused and ask why are they pointing towards her? To which Devraj confronts her and blames for pouring oil on the staircase. He accuses that she ployed to hurt Jaya in order to take her revenge, while Krisha gets shocked and tells that he can’t blame her without any proofs.

Krisha gets hurt by Devraj’s accusations and becomes emotional, while Gajvardhan also taunts her and states that it can be him also in place of Jaya. They all gathers inside Jaya’s room and discuss to throw Krisha out of the house. Ugra and Gajvardhan proclaims that the latter is trying to take all the property and can hurt anyone in this process.

Elsewhere, Rathores manipulates Devraj against Krisha and ask him to take a decision against her. Where, Krisha prays in front of God and ask for some help. She insists the lord to give her strength to expose Jaya in front of Devraj. Whereas, at that time Devraj and Jaya comes there and ask Krisha to come along with them.

Krisha sits along with the Rathores while Jaya tells that they have been observing so much of differences in between Krisha and Devraj. She suggests them to get separated and shows the divorce papers. She proclaims that it will be good for both of them, but Krisha denies to give divorce.

Ahead, Jaya tells that Krisha wants property and she can get money via divorce. She suggests the latter to take money and leave Devraj. Krisha states that she will agree to give divorce on one condition. Ugra mocks Krisha for been greedy, while the latter tells that she wants to hear it from Devraj that he really wants the divorce.

Devraj tells his decision that he wants to get separated from Krisha, while she gets shattered and signs the papers. She was about to leave when she feels dizzy but Devraj saves her on time. The doctor reveals to them about Krisha’s pregnancy and ask to look after her, while everyone gets shocked. Devraj denies to divorce Krisha for their baby.

Further, Krisha shows her gratitude towards God for blessing her with a baby and determines to protect it. Jaya shows her fake concern towards Krisha and the baby. Meanwhile, Devraj declares to Krisha that he won’t be her husband but will only be the father of the baby. Whereas, she proclaims to get his love and trust back.

The episode ends.