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Episode starts with Naina getting excited to see her new purchases. She opens it and adores her branded stuffs. She decides to buy more things with the money they will get from Jaya by blackmailing her. Whereas, Gajvardhan sees the bill and gets shocked finding about the amount. He gets suspicious about Ugra, Raghav and Naina. He thinks that how they could get so much of money and decides to confront them. At that time he gets inside Naina’s room and sees her with several shoppers.

Here, Gajvardhan questions Naina about the money while she gets nervous. She tries to lie to him, while he smirks and catches her lie. He forces her to tell the truth, whereas at that time Ugra and Raghav also comes there. Ugra scolds Gajvardhan for troubling Naina, while he declares that he is suspicious about them. He orders them to tell the truth, but Ugra stays firm on her statement.

Gajvardhan warns Ugra and declares that he will tell Krisha about it, if they won’t tell the truth to him. Ugra again cooks up a lie and says that Jaya gives them bonus for their hardwork. Gajvardhan laughs and states that Jaya can never appreciate anyone’s work and ask Ugra not to fool him.

Elsewhere, Ugra tries to send something to her kids but Gajvardhan immediately snatches her phone and sees the message. He finds about the truth and threatens Ugra along with her kids. He proclaims to reveal it to Krisha, but Ugra stops him and notify about their plan to him. She insists him to join them in their plan, while he agrees to become their partner.

Jaya questions the servant about Devraj, while he replies that the latter is having alcohol inside his room along with Vamika. Jaya smirks seeing their plan working and goes away from there. Whereas, Devraj recalls all the harsh words of Krisha against Jaya and keeps drinking the alcohol. He gets drunk by consuming the spiked drink, while Vamika tries to show her sympathy towards him.

Ahead, Vamika says that she really cares for Devraj while he states that no one understands or likes him. She tells about her love towards him and states that it’s hard for her to move on from him. She tries to get near him, while he realises the situation and decides to go away from there. Vamika tries to stop him, while at that time he gets unconscious due to the spiked drink.

Vamika smirks seeing Devraj’s condition and closes the door. He makes him fall on the bed and sleeps next to him. Whereas, Krisha gets worried for Devraj and decides to have a look at him. Rati comes there and stops Krisha from going anywhere. She ask the latter to take rest and proclaims that stress is not good for the health of the baby. Krisha agrees to Rati and sleeps on her bed.

Further, Devraj wakes up with a severe headache and gets shocked seeing Vamika besides her. Whereas, she also wakes up and acts to get teary eyes. She tries to have a conversation with him while he ask her to leave the room. She lies to him about sleeping with him, but he denies stating that he cannot betray Krisha. She acts to be innocent, while Devraj curses himself. Vamika smirks and leaves the room, while Ugra and Naina sees her. The later confronts Vamika and accuses her about sleeping with Devraj.

The episode ends.