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Episode starts with Vamika coming out of Devraj’s room. Ugra and Naina sees her and accuses for spending a night with Devraj. The latter ignores them and starts walking away. Naina taunts Vamika for stooping low and declares that she is trying to get close to Devraj. Vamika gets furious and gives a befitting reply to Naina. She ask the latter to stay away from her matter, while Ugra takes a stand for her daughter and states that she is speaking the truth. Naina points at Vamika’s character, while the latter gets furious and slaps her. She gets shocked along with Ugra and decides to notify everyone about Vamika’s bad deeds. She calls all the house members and everyone gathers around them.

Here, Raghav and Gajvardhan ask about the matter, to which Naina states that Vamika is a characterless girl. The latter starts crying and proclaims that she won’t hear anything against her character. Ugra notify Raghav that Vamika slapped Naina, while he also gets stunned. He also becomes angry at Vamika along with Gajvardhan and states that she don’t have any rights to do it.

Naina apprises them about Vamika spending the night with Devraj and states that she is trying to come in between Krishan and Devraj. At that time Rati comes there and questions about the matter. Ugra replies her that Vamika is taking advantage of the situation and is sleeping with Devraj. The latter gets shocked while Jaya and Krisha also comes there.

Elsewhere, Ugra says that everything is happening in presence of Jaya and she isn’t doing anything. The latter ask Ugra about the issue, while she notify her about Vamika sleeping with Devraj. The latter denies to believe it and states that she will talk about it with Devraj. Whereas, Jaya ask Krisha to go inside her room and fakes her concern, but Krisha states that she won’t leave as it’s the matter of her husband.

Vamika cries and states that everyone is blaming her, when Devraj is also involved in it. Jaya decides to have a conversation with the latter and goes upstairs. She questions him about the matter, while he accepts that Vamika and he slept together, but assures that nothing happened in between them. Jaya ask him to clarify the matter as everyone is speculating their own theory.

Ahead, Devraj decides to confront all the house members, while Jaya tries to stop him but gets unsuccessful. He states that there was nothing in between Vamika and him. Whereas, Ugra and Naina keeps speaking ill about Vamika. Jaya smirks and remembers her deal with them. Meanwhile, Vamika rushes inside her room, while everyone goes to stop her.

Vamika cries and starts her drama. She says that everyone is pointing finger on her, while Ugra ask Devraj to get along with Vamika in order to stop all the rumours. He denies and stays firm on his statement. She proclaims that how they will accept his statement without any proofs? To which Krisha says that she have full faith on Devraj. Jaya interrupts and says that in order to save Vamika’s reputation, Devraj have to do something.

Further, Krisha takes them inside Devraj’s room and brings out a camera. She gets flashes of how she had hidden it when she was suspicious about Jaya. She shows the footage to everyone and Devraj gets shocked how Vamika removed his clothes when he was unconscious and intentionally slept with him. He gets furious at her and ask her to leave the palace. He tells Jaya to shift her to some other palace, while Vamika gets devastated as her plan failed. Krisha smirks looking at Jaya and taunts her for throwing her own daughter out of the palace.

The episode ends.