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Episode starts with Devraj searching inside Vamika’s room. Jaya questions the latter that if she has something related to their real identity? She ask if there is any proofs which can hamper their revenge against Devraj? To which Vamika assures her mother that she doesn’t have anything inside her room and ask her to relax. Whereas, Devraj searches Vamika’s drawer and glares at her, she gets scared for a while but then becomes calm seeing that there isn’t anything to expose her. Devraj looses his calm, whereas Krisha tries to stop him. She says that Vamika has changed and insists him not to doubt her intentions.

Here, Vamika smirks looking at Jaya while Devraj declares that he can’t trust anyone. He proceeds to check Ugra’s room, while the latter prohibits him. She says that she won’t let him get inside her room. He stays firm on his decision and goes inside her room. He starts searching the places, but Krisha stops him and reminds that he is related to Ugra and she won’t do anything to harm them.

Devraj ask Krisha not to come in between his search, while Naina accuses Krisha for all the misfortune. She declares that everything is happening only because of Krisha. Meanwhile, Devraj sees Raghav and gets inside his room. The latter gets furious at Devraj and declares that he won’t let him search the room. Devraj also glares at Raghav and proclaims to do his work.

Elsewhere, Rati gives permission to Devraj and helps him in searching their room. Raghav fumes in anger seeing Rati and scolds her. He declares that he should have never married her and insults her character, while Devraj breaks a vase. He gets angry at Raghav and proclaims that he will never bear anyone insulting the ladies of their house.

Devraj takes a stand for Rati’s self-respect and then goes out of their room. He sees Gajvardhan hiding from him and confronts him. Devraj questions Gajvardhan, while the latter tries to get rid of Dev. The latter proclaims to search Gajvardhan’s room and ask for the key, but he denies to give it to him.

Ahead, Meenakshi comes there and permits Devraj to get inside their room. Dev gets shocked seeing all the royal jewelleries of the palace inside Gajvardhan’s locker and scolds him for stealing it. He takes all the jewelleries and goes out of there. He shows it to Jaya, when she tries to stop Dev from suspecting their family members. Whereas, Jaya proclaims to separate Krisha and Dev within 1 month of time.

Krisha gets shocked seeing all the dead plants, while everyone suspects it to be supernatural. Krisha shares her worry with Dev, but he denies to believe it and says that someone is trying to trap Krisha for all the issues. He cleans the mirror in which Krisha received the threatening message. Whereas, Krisha sends him to office and assures that she will be fine. She calls Guruji and shares all the incidents with him, while he says that there isn’t any supernatural power inside the palace. He assures that everything will get fine.

Further, Ugra smirks revealing her ploy to Raghav. She tells that she was the one who spoiled the plants. She gives a work to Raghav, while he kept the bottle inside the kitchen, but Vamika see him. Meanwhile, Devraj tries to call Krisha and other family members but couldn’t able to reach them. He gets worried, whereas Krisha gets scared seeing footmarks of blood. Someone throws blanket on her and when she removes it she gets astonished upon seeing the blood marks being missing.

The episode ends.