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Episode starts with Devraj thinking about Krisha’s words and gets worried. He becomes tensed learning about her doubts, while Krisha tries to go towards him but Ugra stops her. She ask Krisha to come with her for the trial of dress and jewelleries for her reception as Jaya have given her the responsibility. She says that no one can disobey Jaya’s words, while Meenakshika praises Ugra’s choices. Krisha says that she have full confidence in Ugra’s choice and states that she will wear whatever Ugra will select. She again tries to go towards Devraj hurridly, but Aarav stops her to take the Prasad.

Here, Devraj gets frustrated waiting for Krisha and then moves away, while she follows him. She sees him with Roma, while latter ask him that if Krisha have seen the photo? To which he replies negatively. At that time Krisha comes there and greets both, but Roma ignores her and goes away. Krisha ask that why Roma doesn’t like her, to which Devraj tells her that it isn’t like this.

Krisha goes upstairs and stands on front of Devraj. She puts Tilak on his forehead and gives him Prasad happily. Both smiles looking at each other “Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na” song plays. Meanwhile, Raghav and Rati sees them from aside. Raghav shows his jealousy towards Devraj, while Rati says that they both have got everything equally. Raghav denies and says that he always have struggled.

Elsewhere, Roma visits Jaya and talks to her regarding her worry. She says that they have to be cautious about their plan nd have to complete it as soon as possible. To which Jaya stops her and says that Devraj and her are worried about it more then Roma. She says that she wish Krisha gets convinced for their plan and agrees to do it. She shows worry about Devraj.

Meenakshika and Ugra discuss about Krisha. Ugra talks about her attitude while Meenakshika agrees about it. Meanwhile, Devraj shows his frustration regarding the matter in front of Roma. He says that he is worried about Krisha and says that he wants to end everything as soon as possible.

Ahead, Krisha goes towards Devraj and tries to talk to him. He gets frustrated and says that he won’t tell her the name which he wanted to give to her as that ritual didn’t get completed. She tries to interrupt him, while he gets anxious and shouts at her. He says that she is acting childish and ask her to stop her drama. She gets hurt and furious.

Krisha gets back to her room, while Devraj realises his mistake. Krisha talks to God’s idol and says that she just wanted Devraj to wish her. She says that she won’t forgive him easily. She stick the wallpaper which was torn out. She takes her phone but restricts herself to call Devraj.

Further, Krisha wakes up and becomes worried for Devraj. She waits for him, while Ugra and Naina comes there and taunts her. Ugra insults Krisha and talks ill about her family. Meanwhile, Raghav comes there and agrees to them. Krisha gets hurt and goes away, while Raghav and Naina ask Ugra to do something to send Krisha out of the house. Whereas, Ugra says that soon she will do it.

Krisha blames herself for everything. Later, she comes out and sees decoration for her birthday. She gets elated seeing Devraj’s surprise and hugs him tightly. She gets overwhelmed, while Devraj feels guilty remembering his plan. He makes Krisha sit and goes to bring some gift for her. Meanwhile, Raghav comes there being drunk and misbehaves with Krisha. He holds her and states that he hates her face.

The end.