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Episode starts with the Sikandar. He feels very happy to see her soldier team. Armaan asks Sikandar why have he made this soldiers team. Sikandar explains he needs more power. Sikandar defines Armaan as his puppet. All the Mahish werewolves shows their power. Bhim identifies there is something wrong in them. Avesh confesses his power didn’t increase which Sikandar promised. Avesh insults Sikandar for his fraudulent and leaves the field. Sikandar orders Armaan to bring Avesh again.

Here, Cherry is captured by Mahir’s mother and locked in room. She is still a member of secret council. She threats Cherry and asks about the informations of other werewolves. She threats Cherry with Shyamtulsi. She spreads Shyamtulsi on her body, Cherry’s skin gets burned. Cherry is asked about the death of Mahir. She repeatedly says that she doesn’t know who killed Major.

Isha comes to Veer and asks him to share his emotion as he is hiding himself. Veer doesn’t take it in a serious way. Isha makes him known that Armaan called her. She hopes that Armaan still has the potentiality to reform himself. They go out to the forest. Avesh attacks Veer. Veer becomes confused who is he, Werewolf or Mahish! They start a tremendous fighting. Isha is asked to go from there but Isha obstinately says she wouldn’t go.

Finally, Armaan comes there and attacks Avesh. But Avesh hurts both the brothers. Armaan asks Veer not to stare in the eyes of Avesh. Finally, Armaan kills Avesh and vanishes from there. Isha becomes very disspointed and frustrated as Armaan broke her heart. Veer points out that there is a hope in Armaan as he ran to help them. Veer understands the point of Isha and promises that he will find out Armaan definitely. Veer fathoms the plan of Sikandar. Armaan still doesn’t become a puppet of Sikandar and also he didn’t get his coveted power because Isha wasn’t killed. Sikandar didn’t get the blood of an Angira girl.

Armaan returns to Sikandar and explains that Avesh has died. Sikandar can’t understand how Avesh could die as he was transformed into a Mahish werewolf. Sikandar doubts Armaan. In spite of finishing all the rituals, Sikandar didn’t get his coveted power which makes him more angry and outrageous.

Veer comes to Kavya who is still locked in the room. Veer interrogates Kavya to know where is Sikandar. Kavya directly says she wouldn’t help him. Kavya is threatened with Shyamtulsi. Veer knows that Kavya has information about Sikandar’s secret place. He pours some Shyamtulsi on her which burns her out. Kavya says whatever she knows about Sikandar. Here, Sikandar and Armaan come to a cafe to meet a more powerful yogini, who could say why Sikander didn’t get his coveted power.

Episode ends.
Precap: Veer brings Isha in a forlorn house. Isha asks Veer why did he bring her to here. Veer says he wants to tell her the truth. At the same time, Sikandar and Armaan also reach there. Sikandar feels other’s presence. Armaan assumes the heartbeat of Isha. Isha and Veer hide themselves in a cupboard.

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