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The episode starts with Angad seeing Akir running away from class. Gurnoor comes to Akir and asks Akir why is he looking sad. Akir stays silent. Gurnoor draws on her thumbs and puts up an act to cheer him up. Akir hugs Gurnoor.

Gurnoor asks Akir why is he looking sad. Akir says he has no friends here. Akir says he had a lot of friends in his old school. Gurnoor asks Akir if he is missing his old school. Akir says he is missing his mother. Gurnoor asks Akir where is his mother. Akir says she went to Babaji’s house(heaven). Gurnoor comforts Akir and says to Akir that she also lost her parents when she was a kid. Akir asks Gurnoor what does she do if she misses them. Gurnoor says she plays music then she feels as if they are with her. Akir asks Gurnoor if she will teach him how to play music. Gurnoor agrees. Gurnoor says to Akir now they should go inside and dance and show those people. Akir asks Gurnoor what will he do if they laugh at him. Gurnoor asks Akir to dance like they are not seeing him. Akir agrees. Angad witnesses this from afar.

Akir comes to the class. Akir tries to dance with the teacher but he fails. Gurnoor teaches Akir how to dance and everyone claps for Akir.

The attender comes and serves tea to Gurnoor. Gurnoor takes the tea and says tea is her weakness. Gurnoor sees a cleaner working hard and she gives her tea to him and later takes another tea from the attender.

The principal asks Gurnoor that she hopes that Gurnoor will bring her documents tomorrow. Gurnoor agrees. It is shown someone holds burns Gurnoor’s documents. Gurnoor thinks how will she get those documents as she can’t go to her college as those people who are chasing her might find her there.

Akir says to the Jabjyot how Gurnoor encouraged him to dance and how she gave him an advice. Akir says to everyone that they will be surprised once they see Gurnoor and says she is really good. Angad thinks how will his family react once they see Gurnoor. Akir invites all the Brar family to come to the see his dance tomorrow.

Gurnoor dreams of someone burning her documents and labeling her. Gurnoor wakes up and she puts furniture at her door. Gurnoor thinks of how will she keep this job as without her documents she will lose this job.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Akir and Angad search for Gurnoor. The people who are chasing Gurnoor try to catch her in school and she hides from them.

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