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The episode starts with Gurnoor sending Akir on stage to do a solo performance. The Brar’s hope that Akir will give a good performance. Akir gives a mind blowing performance and impresses everyone.

Akir after his performance comes to Gurnoor and asks Gurnoor if she saw his performance. Gurnoor praises Akir. Gurnoor asks Akir’s classmates if they saw how Akir danced solo and says they should not mock anyone. Akir’s friends agree. Akir leaves from there with his classmates. Angad thanks Gurnoor. Gurnoor says Akir just needed some motivation and nothing more that.

The next day, Angad brings Akir to school. Akir sees Gurnoor and greets her. Akir asks Gurnoor if she will teach her rest of the subjects such as maths, science etc. Gurnoor says to Akir that she is only his music teacher and says she will help him if he needs her help in other subjects. Akir agrees. The attender comes and says to Gurnoor that principal is calling her. Gurnoor agrees and leaves from there.

The principal asks Gurnoor for her documents. Gurnoor says to the principal that she needs some time to prepare the documents. The principal says to Gurnoor that she already told her that she needs to bring her documents. The principal also comments on Gurnoor as she made Akir do a solo dance performance without her permission. Gurnoor says she asked Martha for her permission. The principal comments on Gurnoor and says to Gurnoor that she is not fit for this job and they ask her to leave. Gurnoor agrees and leaves from there. Angad witnesses it from afar. Angad thinks if Gurnoor doesn’t come to school then Akir’s studies might get into trouble.

Angad comes to Gurnoor sand says to Gurnoor that he would like to offer her a job. Gurnoor asked Angad why is that. Angad says he overheard that principal fired her from the job because she made Akir do a solo performance so they are also responsible for her losing her job. Angad asks Gurnoor to be a caretaker and teacher to Akir. Gurnoor asks Angad if she has to stay in his home. Angad says yes. Gurnoor refuses Angad’s offer. Angad asks Gurnoor to think about it. Gurnoor comments on it. Angad leaves from there.

Gurnoor comes out of school and sees Amreek and her goons searching for her. Gurnoor hides from them. Gurnoor thinks if she accepted Angad’s offer and stayed in his home then Amreek and her goons will not be able to find her.

Gurnoor gets into Angad’s car and says to Angad that she accepted his offer that’s why she sat in his car. Gurnoor hides her face with a scarf and acts as if she is praying to God to Angad. Amreek and her men decide to stay out right outside the school to catch Gurnoor.

Angad drives the car away from there. Angad asks Gurnoor why did she suddenly accept his job offer. Gurnoor makes up a reason for it. Angad asks Gurnoor if she will not have any problem to stay in his home. Gurnoor says she will not stay in his home. Angad asks Gurnoor if she will not stay in his home how will she take care of Akir.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Gurnoor enters the Brar Mansion and thinks what secrets are hiding in this mansion.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann 15th June 2024 Written Update: Gurnoor hides from the goons