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The episode starts with Angad saying to Akir that he needs to get into the car to feel it. Akir asks Daljeet also to get into the car. Akir and Daljeet get into the car.

Angad shows the car roof top and says he can feel the wind when the car passes by if he stands there. Angad opens the car roof top. Akir feels the wind from the car roof top. Sahiba spots Akir and stops Angad’s car.

Angad questions Sahiba why did she come infront of the car suddenly. Sahiba asks Akir to get down from the car. Sahiba argues with Angad saying he is showing Akir how it feels in the car. Sahiba says to Angad that Akir is a middle class person child and they can’t afford this car. Sahiba says if Akir asks for the car there can’t buy it for him. Akir feels hurt with Sahiba’s behaviour and leaves from there. Daljeet comments on Sahiba. Daljeet goes after Akir. Sahiba later asks Angad to stay away from Akir and comments on him. Angad says he will stay away from Akir and leaves from there.

Amu’s parents, Manveer and Jasleen also look at Baishakhi celebration. Manveer asks Harmeet why is she looking stressed. Harmeet says there is nothing like that.

Daljeet comes and asks Sahiba why did she behave in such a rude way with Angad. Sahiba says she is protecting Akir from Angad and comments on him.

Daljeet decides to buy a car for Akir as Akir really enjoyed spending time in the car.

Angad is shown to be spending time with his family. Angad gets a call from Daljeet. Angad attends the call. Daljeet apologises to Angad for Sahiba’s rude behaviour towards him and later asks Angad for a favour saying he would like to shift to Ludhiana and seeks Angad’s help in getting a job. Angad agrees to help Daljeet and asks Daljeet if he doesn’t mind it as Sahiba might not like it. Daljeet doesn’t hear Angad’s last words about Sahiba and thanks Angad. Angad thinks Daljeet doesn’t care about Sahiba’s opinion.

Daljeet later says to Sahiba that Angad agreed to help him look for a job. Sahiba says they don’t need his help. Daljeet asks Sahiba if Angad reminds someone of her past as they are both from Ludhiana. Sahiba says there is nothing like that. Sahiba learns about in which hotel Angad is staying in from Daljeet.

Akir asks Sahiba why did she scold Angad before. Sahiba says she is his mother she knows what’s best for him. Sahiba asks Akir to promise that he will never talk about Angad as Angad is going to leave in a few days. Akir agrees. A person’s shadow falls near Akir. Akir goes to the play ground.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Akir while eating food says to Sahiba and Daljeet that they were playing a game and the ball fell in a hotel. The people in the hotel scolded and they haven’t also given the ball to him. Daljeet decides to take Akir and fight with them. Sahiba stops Daljeet and says she will take him to apologise.

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