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The episode starts with Angad asking Daljeet why did he throw a party here when he invited them to meet Akir. Daljeet says to Angad that if he wants to meet Akir then he needs to earn it. Daljeet asks Angad to serve like a waiter to all the guests and how much time he serves the guests, he can meet Akir for that much time. Garry gets furious with Daljeet’s condition. Kirat stops Garry and reminds him that Akir is still in Daljeet’s hands. Sahiba comments on Daljeet. Angad agrees to serve Daljeet’s guests. Daljeet agrees and leaves from there. Sahiba stops Angad and asks Angad not to trust Daljeet. Angad says he is ready to do anything for his son. Angad says to Sahiba that they should not miss any chance to meet Akir. Angad leaves from there.

Angad gets ready as a waiter. Manveer blames Sahiba and Daljeet for humiliating Angad. Sahiba says Daljeet is not her husband and says she is also feeling sorry for Angad.

Angad serves Daljeet’s guests as a waiter. The guests recognise Angad and they gossip about him. Daljeet makes fun of Angad. The guests also gossip about Sahiba and Angad. Sahiba helps Angad when he is about to drop the tray. Sahiba says to Angad that she can’t see him like this. Angad says he has to do it for his son.

Two guests asks Angad to get them Vodka. Angad agrees and leaves from there. Amu seeing this says to her parents that there is no place for her in Angad’s life as he only loves his son and now Sahiba also came into his life. Harneet says to Amu that she needs to make her place in Angad’s life.

Daljeet mocks Angad. Angad says to Daljeet that now he would like to meet his son. Daljeet says now it is only ten minutes and says he doesn’t love his son that much.

A guest later asks Daljeet about his wife. Garry mocks Daljeet and says to the guest that he is alone and he is not married. Daljeet asks Sahiba to dance with her.

Episode ends.

Precap:-Sahiba comes infront of Daljeet and says to Daljeet that she only suffered due to Angad. Sahiba says to Daljeet that she is ready to marry him. Sahiba asks Daljeet to put the ring on her finger. Sahiba drops the ring. Sahiba asks Angad if he will help her in getting back that the commodity that she lost.

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