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The episode starts with Sahiba asking the inspector why did he arrest Daljeet. The inspector says a girl has gone missing and they arrested Daljeet in that case. Sahiba says Daljeet can never think of doing that. Surendar says to Sahiba that he tried to explain to that businessman that Daljeet is innocent but that businessman is not interested in listening to him. Akir hearing this decides to teach a lesson to that businessman. Sahiba asks the inspector what proof do they have against Daljeet. The inspector says they found the girl’s phone in his hand. Sahiba says Surendar already told them that Daljeet found the girl’s house phone in the truck. Sahiba says they do not have enough evidence to keep Daljeet here. The inspector allows them to leave and asks Daljeet to give his address and phone no. Daljeet agrees.

Biji asks Daljeet to drink some turmeric milk to ease his pain. Sahiba and Akir comment on the businessman. Daljeet asks Sahiba to leave it as that businessman is worried for his sister. Sahiba comments on him.

Angad reaches the hospital and asks the nurse what happened to Simran. The nurse says Simran was unconscious and says had high fever and they gave her high dose of medicine so Simran will get better. Angad worries about Simran.

Angad asks Simran who admitted her here. Simran takes Sahiba’s name in her sleep. Angad thinks why did Simran take Sahiba’s name.

Daljeet while eating food says to Sahiba about Angad saying he can do anything for his family as once he got a call from Panesar town hospital he left rushing. Sahiba hearing this says she might know the girl. Sahiba says to Daljeet how she found a girl near the hand pump and later admitted her in the hospital. Daljeet hearing this says the girl saved by Sahiba might be the sister of the businessman.

Simran regains consciousness after a while. Angad feels relieved seeing Simran regaining consciousness. Angad asks Simran what happened.

Akir while eating food says to Daljeet that he is going to take revenge on that businessman. Daljeet asks Akir to leave it but Akir doesn’t agree.

Simran decides not to tell the truth about Sahiba as Sahiba has really hurt Angad. Simran says she got onto the wall to get a kite. Simran says she slipped and fell down into the truck and she lost consciousness. Simran says after she regained consciousness she called him directly and she lost her phone in the truck. Simran says she later ran away from the truck and lost consciousness while running and she doesn’t know what happened after that. Angad says the nurse said that a woman brought her to the hospital. Simran says they need to thank that woman. Angad thinks Daljeet was telling the truth and he needs to apologise to him.

Akir vows to take revenge on that businessman. Daljeet to distract Akir says to Akir that he is going to gift him his favourite bicycle on his birthday. Akir gets excited hearing this.

Sahiba reminds Daljeet that they can’t afford it. Daljeet says he will still do it as Akir is everything to him.

Akir says to Daljeet and Sahiba that he will sleep in between them today. Daljeet convinces Akir that he is too mature to do that.

Angad asks Simran why did she take Sahiba’s name in her sleep. Simran says she might have had a nightmare.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Daljeet and Sahiba find that Akir is not in the house. Akir comes to the hospital and decides to take revenge against Angad.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann 31st March 2024 Written Update: Sahiba admits Simran in the hospital