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The episode starts with the Brar’s family thinking why are Santosh and Ajith again keeping them waiting? Hansraj decides to ask the Mongas what is happening? Akaal objects to it. Angad says to Sahiba that he is a little disappointed that he couldn’t see her face and says he understands that they have to follow the traditions. Angad says he wants to hold her hand right now. Sahiba hearing this hides her hand. Angad says he is just teasing her to relax her and nothing more than that.

Seerat asks Garry why couldn’t he marry her right now? Garry says he will explain and asks Seerat to first get inside. Seerat gets inside the car. Garry says they couldn’t do this marriage like this. Garry says he is feeling guilty. Garry asks Seerat if she told the truth to her family or wrote his name on the letter. Seerat stays silent. Garry says there is still time and he will drop her at the wedding.

The Brar’s worry about Ajith and Santosh keeping them waiting. Ajith says to Santosh that she is sacrificing Sahiba and reminds Santosh that she is playing with the Brar’s feelings. Santosh recalls what the fortune teller told her and says to Ajith that if Seerat doesn’t come back then allow Sahiba to marry Angad and says this might be God’s wish.

Seerat asks Garry if he is mad and reminds Garry what she did for him. Garry says to Seerat that he had a lot of plans in his life and he couldn’t marry her hiding like this.

Ajith says to Santosh that she knows Sahiba doesn’t like Angad and asks Santosh if she wants to marry two enemies.

Kirat comes to Gurudwar and asks the people there if they saw Seerat here. One of the people identifies Seerat and says Seerat is with a guy talking about doing marriage but they left that way in a black car. Kirat thanks that person and leaves in the auto to catch Seerat.

Garry reminds Seerat that the most important thing right now is her marriage is not happening with Angad. Garry says to Seerat that he will marry her grandly. Manveer asks Sudha ji why are the Mongas keeping them waiting all the time.

Santosh says to Ajith that this is Sahiba’s fate. Ajith says it is not Sahiba’s fate but her mistake. Ajith says he will go and tell the truth. Santosh breaks a glass and gives a glass shard to Ajith and asks him to go and kill Sahiba. Ajith says he is not to kill his daughter. Santosh reminds Ajith that he is doing the same by telling the truth to everyone. Santosh reminds Ajith that there are reporters outside and says if Sahiba takes off her Gungat then the reporters are going to show Sahiba’s face in the headlines. Santosh asks Ajith who is going to marry Sahiba then? Ajith stays silent. Santosh takes Ajith’s silence as acceptance to the situation and says to him that they should go to the Brar’s as it is already late.

Ajith and Santosh come to the Brar and say they should go to the next ritual. Sahiba understands that Seerat didn’t come till now. Inder asks Angad to stand on the right side of the bride. Angad agrees.

Seerat agrees with what Garry said and says they will do the marriage like he said. Seerat asks Garry where is he taking her? Garry flirts with Seerat.

After the Bride and Groom sit in the Mandap. Sahiba takes off her Gungat infront of everyone. The Brar’s get shocked seeing Sahiba in the bride’s place instead of Seerat.

Episode ends.

Precap – Santosh to ask Sahiba what did she do? Sahiba says she did what she should have done in the first place. Sahiba says she shouldn’t have taken part in her drama.

Sahiba apologises to all the Brar’s for what happened. Angad asks Sahiba where is Seerat? Sahiba says Seerat ran away as she doesn’t want to marry him.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann 28th February 2023 Written Update: Ajith questions Santosh