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The episode starts with the mental asylum staff forcibly taking Sahiba to the mental asylum. Jabjyot and Inder ask Manveer how can she take this kind of decision as even Angad also isn’t here. Manveer argues with Inder saying Sahiba hurt her now, Sahiba can hurt Angad also. Manveer accuses Sahiba of acting like a patient and provoke Angad so that he will do something wrong and prove to the world what kind of victim she is.

The mental asylum take Sahiba into the ambulance and leave from there. Sahiba struggles with the mental asylum people.

Sahiba sees Angad passing by ambulance in his car so she call for Angad. Angad sees Sahiba in his rear view mirror. Angad tries to start the car but the car doesn’t start.

Angad gets out of the car and chases the ambulance by foot. Angad couldn’t catch the ambulance as Angad runs into a car. Angad falls on the road and he sees the Ambulance leaving.

The mental asylum staff bring Sahiba to the mental asylum. Sahiba shouts to the staff that she is not mentally ill.

Angad comes to the mental asylum and asks the receptionist about Sahiba. The receptionist says she doesn’t know. Angad searches for Sahiba in the mental asylum. Angad finds Sahiba’s shoe.

The doctor asks the nurses to take off Sahiba’s jewelry. The nurses takes off Sahiba’s jewelry. Angad sees Sahiba’s ring at his feet.

Angad notices Sahiba. Angad comes to Sahiba. The doctor tries to stop Angad. Angad pushes the doctor away and goes to Sahiba. Angad asks the doctor under whose orders did they bring Sahiba here. The doctor says Manveer told them that this patient is mentally unstable. Angad says Sahiba is not a patient but she is his wife. Sahiba loses consciousness. Angad says to Sahiba that he is going to take his wife away from here and if anyone tries to stop him he will send them to God. Angad decides to sue this hospital as they admitted Sahiba without doing medical test.

Manveer says to Gurleen that she arranged a dinner party to celebrate Sahiba leaving this house. Gurleen agrees and says she will also come with her. Manveer says she will use this chance to get divorce to Angad.

Angad brings Sahiba home carrying her in his arms and she is shown to be unconscious. Manveer and Gurleen see it and think why did Angad bring Sahiba back.

Angad helps Sahiba put in the bed. Angad after talking to Jasleen gets to know the reason for Manveer sending Sahiba to the mental asylum. Jasleen says Sahiba is acting like she is troubled over something and it is eating her away. Angad asks Jasleen to take care of Sahiba. Angad leaves from there.

Angad comes to Manveer and asks Manveer how could he send Sahiba to the mental asylum. Manveer asks Angad if he doesn’t know what happened he should shut up and if he knows about it why did he bring her home. Manveer says to Angad that he doesn’t know what Sahiba is trying to do. Angad asks Manveer to stop blaming Sahiba for everything and reminds Manveer what he has done to Sahiba. Angad says he will talk to the lawyer not to send Sahiba out of this house but because he thinks Sahiba isn’t safe here.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Angad proposes to Seerat right infront of Sahiba. Angad later comments on Seerat and throws Seerat out of the Brar mansion. Seerat says to Angad that she curses him. Angad closes the door.

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