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The episode starts with Angad thanking Gurnoor for what she did with Akir. Gurnoor says to Angad that they need to teach Akir that grief is also an expression just like happiness and he can express it if not he will live with grief the whole life. Angad gives advance payment of Gurnoor’s salary to her. Gurnoor thanks Angad. Angad asks Gurnoor about the tattoo. Gurnoor doesn’t answer and leaves from there.

Gurnoor looks herself in the mirror and her inner self questions Gurnoor till how long will she hide the truth from the Brar family. Gurnoor feels guilty about hiding the truth from the Brar family.

The next day, at the dining table Manveer asks Akir to eat breakfast. Akir says he will not eat breakfast. Gurnoor comes to Akir and says to Akir that that she has a surprise for him. Gurnoor asks Akir to eat food and says she will tell him the surprise later. Akir agrees. Akir eats the breakfast. Gurnoor laters says to Akir that they are going to the jogger’s park. Akir agrees and goes to get ready. Manveer asks Gurnoor to teach discipline to Akir so that Akir can forget about his mother. Gurnoor says to Manveer that they need to make Akir accept the truth about his mother only then can he move forward in his life. Gurnoor leaves from there.

Bijju and her men are shown to be keeping an eye on school. Amreek overhears Simran talking with her friends about Gurnoor as Simran says to her friends Gurnoor came as new caretaker of Akir. Amreek informs Bijja about it.

Simran comes to the jogger’s park to meet Akir. Bijja and her henchmen follow her.

Gurnoor asks Kirat why is she looking sad. Kirat says to Gurnoor about her love story and says Garry is so busy after his marriage with her that he is not able to talk to her. Gurnoor talks to Kirat and cheers her up. Gurnoor says to Kirat later go for a walk in the park.

Bijja and her henchmen look for Gurnoor. Gurnoor spots Bijja and takes Kirat away from there. Bijja sees Gurnoor leaving in a car and takes its photo. Bijja asks Amreek to find out who does this car belong to. Amreek agrees.

Gurnoor tries to book a flight ticket but she needs a passport for it and she doesn’t have a passport. Gurnoor looks at Sahiba’s photo and decides to use her passport to book the ticket. Gurnoor goes to Angad’s room and steals Sahiba’s passport. Angad asks Gurnoor what is she doing here. Gurnoor makes up a reason and leaves from there.

Manveer gets a call from the principal about Gurnoor.

Gurnoor asks Manveer why did she call her here. Manveer says she found out the truth about her. Manveer says to Brar family that Gurnoor stole something in a rich household and ran away from there and now she came here to steal again. Gurnoor asks Manveer who told her all of these wrong things about her. Manveer says the school principal told her everything about Gurnoor. Gurnoor says all of those things are false. Manveer slaps Gurnoor as she gets angry at her.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Gurnoor lashes out at Manveer and says she will leave from here.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann 19th June 2024 Written Update: Manveer puts Gurnoor on probation