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The episode starts with Angad asking Simran to sit behind him. Angad chases the guys who mistreated Simran. Daljeet encourages Akir to run.

Angad stops them with his bike by coming in front of them. Angad passes by in between those people bikes with his bike and he kicks their bike. All the guys fall on the ground. They later come and fight with Angad. Angad beats up all of them. Angad asks the harassers how dare they mistreat his sister. The harassers apologise to Angad. Angad still beats them up.

Akir gets his leg injured in the race. Daljeet comes to Akir and decides to make Akir win the race by carrying him. Daljeet puts Akir on his shoulders and races in his place and wins the race.

Akir and Daljeet celebrate their victory even if all of the people call both of them cheaters.

Angad warns the harassers if they try to mistreat Simran again then he will not leave them. The harassers apologise to Angad.

Daljeet asks the anchor to give the trophy to Akir. The anchor doesn’t agree to it and calls him a cheater. Daljeet takes the mike and convinces the crowd that they should give the trophy to Zakir by reminding them that before Akir got injured he was first before anyone and asks if a father can’t do something for his son. All the people agree with Daljeet and they allow the anchor to give the trophy to Akir. Akir and Daljeet celebrate their victory.

A woman in the crowd sees Angad’s care for Simran and thinks if he is able to do this much for his sister how much will he do for his wife.

Angad comes to that woman and says love is just a lie that two people in a relationship say to each other.

Sahiba admonishes Akir and Daljeet’s behaviour of cheating in the race. Sahiba makes Daljeet and Akir give back the trophy and apologise to all the people. Sahiba asks Akir to work hard next time and win the race without cheating. Akir agrees. Simran asks Angad if he still misses Sahiba. Angad reminds Simran he already told her not to take Simran’s name again.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Sahiba plays with her son. Akir sees that his father came so he greets him. It is shown Sahiba’s husband is not Angad. Angad visits Sahiba’s house as a guest.

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