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The episode starts with Sahiba asking Akir’s friend where is Akir. Akir’s friend says that Akir went a with a guy in lion costume. Sahiba suspects that Angad is Akir’s secret friend.

Armindergill asks Manveer where is Angad. Angad comes after a while. Manveer seeing Angad says they should start the pre engagement ceremony.

Daljeet searches for Akir. Sahiba says someone might have trapped Akir with his honeywords. Daljeet asks Sahiba who is it. Sahiba leaves from there.

Angad and Amu complete their pre engagement ceremony. Armindergill asks Angad when should they fix the marriage date. Angad says when Prabjyot decides it.

Sahiba comes and accuses Angad of destroying her life and moving on in his life. Manveer asks Sahiba what is she doing here. Sahiba comments on Angad and asks Angad where is Akir by gripping his collar. Angad asks Sahiba what happened to Akir. Daljeet says Akir has gone missing. Sahiba accuses Angad of kidnapping Akir. Amu says to Sahiba just because she is past of Angad doesn’t mean she has right to trouble him. Daljeet gets shocked learning that Sahiba is ex wife of Angad. Daljeet recalls Sahiba’s behaviour with Angad. Sahiba argues with Angad and goes to the police station to file a complaint against Angad. Angad goes after Sahiba and doesn’t stop even when Armindergill asks Angad not to worry about Sahiba’s kid. Armindergill gets upset seeing Angad going after Sahiba. Manveer asks Armindergill not to be get upset with Angad and says Angad has habit of helping others. Amu also asks her father to trust Angad. Armindergill agrees.

Sahiba says to the cops that Akir is kidnaped by Angad. The cops don’t take her compliant as they think Akir is missing not kidnapped.

Angad comes to the police station. Sahiba argues with Angad and asks the the cops to arrest Angad as he is the one who kidnapped Akir. The cops asks Sahiba why is she suspecting Angad. Sahiba admits to the cops that Angad is her ex-husband and only he has the reason to trouble her. Manveer comes and says to the cops that Akir isn’t kidnapped instead Sahiba and Daljeet are falsely framing them to get money from them. Daljeet stops Manveer and says to Manveer that Sahiba is the kind of woman who will give up everything for her son and she will never something like what Manveer said. Sahiba takes the cops to look for Akir. Angad goes after them.

The cops come to Gurudwara and call all the costume people. Sahiba, Daljeet and the cops learn that there is no lion. Costume in the animal’s troupe people. The cops understand that the kidnapper came in disguise. Sahiba says to the cops that the kidnapper first became Akir’s secret friend and no abducted him. The cops go looking for Akir.

A handkerchief falls out of his pocket when he takes out his phone. Sahiba and Angad take the handkerchief together but Angad takes it and puts it in his pocket.

Episode ends.

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