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The episode starts with Angad asking Madhu to go and open the door and see who it is? Madhu agrees and goes to open the door.

Romi dances for an old song and says to Sahiba that they will dance like this on their marriage. Romi says to Sahiba that Angad will get lifetime imprisonment for her murder.

Madhu asks who is it? A lady asks for inspector Gagan. Romi asks Sahiba to smile. Sahiba calls Romi a devil. Romi later says they are going to get married today.

Pam and Shamin come to Inspector Gagan’s house. Sahiba shouts at Romi saying their marriage will never happen. Romi says to Sahiba that they will argue after their marriage and says it’s time to take blessings for their marriage. Romi gives a lehanga to Sahiba and says to Sahiba that this Lehanga was worn by her mother on her marriage and he asks Sahiba to wear this Lehanga for their marriage.

Veer also comes to Inspector Gagan’s house. Madhu tries to escape. Pam and Shamin catch Madhu. Angad asks Shamin and Pam to tie Madhu to a chair.

Sahiba throws away the Lehanga. Romi asks Sahiba to treat that Lehanga with respect as it is her mother’s Lehanga.

Angad thanks Veer, Pam and Shamin as they came to help him even in this time. Angad says he believes that Sahiba is alive and he needs to save her. Angad says once he saves Sahiba he will surrender to the cops. Angad says he needs their help. Pam and Shamin agree to help Angad. Angad asks Sahiba what is the last location of Sahiba’s phone. Veer says it’s Brar mansion. Angad thinks why would Sahiba leave the Brar mansion. Angad later says to Veer that he suspects Romi is behind Sahiba getting kidnapped and framing him for Sahiba’s murder. Veer gets shocked hearing this. Veer asks Angad how is he so sure that Sahiba is alive. Angad says he hugged that body and touched Sahiba’s hands and he felt that Sahiba is alive. Inspector Gagan says to all of them that Angad is lying and he killed Sahiba. Angad argues with the inspector.

Angad later says to Shamin that his phone is connected to his laptop. Anagd asks Shamin to check from where Romi has sent last messages to his phone. Shamin agrees.

Romi shoots the gun into the air and asks Sahiba to get ready. Sahiba thinks she needs to follow Romi’s instructions so that she will get a chance to escape from him.

Angad sees Romi social media profile and sees that they are photos of his and his mother. Angad later checks Natasha’s profile and learns that she is dead but Romi is putting pics in the social media as if Natasha is alive.

Romi asks Sahiba to take off her bangles that symbolise Angad and her marriage. Sahiba doesn’t take it off so Romi comes and takes off those bangles and breaks them. Angad worries about Sahiba.

Episode ends.

Precap:-Angad is shown to be fighting with crowd. Sahiba thinks Angad is not with her today. Romi comes infront of Sahiba dressed as a groom. Angad comes to stop Romi and Sahiba’s wedding.

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