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The episode starts with Angad saying to Manveer that he gave a last chance to Sahiba and says he went with Sahiba to keep an eye on her and says he went to Sahiba’s house but he didn’t step into that house. Angad makes a comment on the Mongas. Manveer agrees with Angad. Sahiba comes and comments on Angad. Sahiba says to Angad if there is a competition for hypocrisy he will get the first prize. Sahiba scolds for lying infront of Ajith and Santosh like he cares for them. Manveer makes a comment on Sahiba and asks Sahiba if she was eavesdropping on them. Sahiba says she came here to give this Kurta as Angad forgot about it when he left their house. Manveer asks Angad if he said to Manveer that he agreed to stay in the same room with her. Sahiba makes a comment on Angad and leaves from there. Angad goes after Sahiba.

Angad asks Sahiba where is she going? Angad forces Sahiba and they both go into the bathroom to talk. Angad forces Sahiba against the wall and the shower water comes on Angad and Sahiba. Sahiba asks Angad not to behave like an animal and asks him to leave her. Angad says to Sahiba that he is not an animal. Sahiba says he should have thought that before forcing himself on her like this. Sahiba makes a comment on Angad and says she is going to destroy his pride and says she is going to prove that one of his brothers has backstabbed him. Sahiba pushes Angad and leaves from there.

Gurleen says to Sahiba that tomorrow is Bisakhi and says Angad and Sahiba have to go together as a pair to do Guru Maharaj ki Seva. Manveer says Sahiba and Angad are not real husband and wife and says they cannot hide it from God. Angad comes and says he will not go to Gurudwar with Sahiba. Sahiba makes a comment on Angad and says to Gurleen that she will go to Gurudwara alone to do Guru Maharaj’s Seva.

The next day it is shown Sahiba is cooking for the Brar’s in their kitchen. Santosh complaints about Kirat as she didn’t bring all the groceries. Santosh asks Ajith to go and bring the groceries. Ajith says he has work to do and asks Santosh to manage it herself. Seerat comes and says she will go and bring groceries. Santosh says there is no need for it. Seerat says she wants to go Gurudwara and do Seva just like Sahiba used to do hoping her life will also be set. Santosh makes a comment saying if there is greed then there is no use of that Seva and asks Seerat not to think about going outside.

Suri comments seeing Sahiba cooking for the Brar’s in the Brar mansion. Sahiba says the Bisaki ki Dawat always tastes good when it is made on Bisakhi. Manveer asks Suri to serve food for everyone.

Suri says Sahiba prepared food and says Sahiba is going to serve everyone. Manveer asks Sahiba who gave her permission to enter into the kitchen. Sahiba reminds Manveer that Akaal permitted her to step into the kitchen when she entered this house. Sahiba says on every Bisakhi she has a habit of cooking food for her family so she did this. Manveer reminds she is not part of this family. Sahiba reminds that she is living in their house so she thought of them as family.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sahiba will say to Angad that she is going to prove today that one of his brothers is deceiving him. Angad questions Sahiba if this is her new drama. Sahiba loses consciousness.

Gurleen comes and says to Angad that Sahiba is not acting and says Sahiba has not eaten anything from the morning and asks him to help Sahiba drink water. Angad agrees and does it. Sahiba after drinking some water with Angad’s hand opens her eyes and sees Garry is looking at them.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann 22nd April 2023 Written Update: Sahiba confronts Garry