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The episode starts with Sahiba and Garry trying to stop Angad as he is thinking about killing Daljeet but Angad doesn’t listen to them. Garry says to Sahiba that now she is the only person who can stop Angad. Sahiba after thinking for a while says she knows what she needs to do. Sahiba asks Garry to hold off Angad. Sahiba enters the Daljeet’s house.

The servant asks Akir to sleep and says they will find his Queen puppet tomorrow. Akir misses his mother.

Sahiba comes infront of Daljeet and says to Daljeet that she accepts his deal and she wants him to give Akir to Angad. Daljeet doesn’t agree to it and says Angad has left Akir even before he was born. Daljeet says Angad is a devil. Sahiba says he is a devil not Angad. Sahiba comments on Daljeet and asks Daljeet to give Akir to Angad. Daljeet reminds Sahiba that his deal was that Angad will give her hand to Daljeet and he will do their wedding only then will he give Akir to Angad.

Angad comes infront of Daljeet with a gun and points to him. Angad says to Daljeet that he will kill him today. Daljeet calls for guards seeing Angad.

Sahiba tries to stop Angad. Angad says only by killing Daljeet will all of this end. Angad comments on Daljeet. Angad asks Sahiba to take Akir away from him once he kills Daljeet and he goes to jail.

Angad says to Daljeet that there is only one bullet in this revolver and says they will see what fate awaits them. Angad shoots at Daljeet but the bullet doesn’t go off. Angad tries to shoot himself and Sahiba tries to stop him but he still shoots himself. The bullet doesn’t go off and he points the gun to Daljeet. Daljeet’s security comes and points the gun to Angad and asks him to put down the gun. Daljeet takes the gun from security and asks Angad to put down the gun.

Episode ends.

Precap:-In the news it is reported that Sahiba was shot dead right outside the court. The reporter says the police arrested Sahiba on some case and she was shot and murdered when the police were taking Sahiba to court. The reporter asks the audience to watch for who is the shooter. The reporter learn about Angad Singh Brar and cuts the video.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann 22nd May 2024 Written Update: Sahiba and Garry try to stop Angad from killing Daljeet