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The episode starts with Garry calling Angad. Garry asks Angad where is he as he should know that Simran will not cut the cake without him. Angad says he already knows about it. Angad sees that there are only 10 min left for time to be 8 pm.

Jaspal and Gurleen wish happy birthday to Simran and give her a gift. Simran sees that it is 7:55 pm and Angad hasn’t come here. Simran sees that Bani is about to touch the cake. Simran lashes out at Bani for trying to touch the cake. Garry asks Simran what’s wrong if Bani touched the cake. Simran’s friends say that Simran is taking her out anger on something else. Simran’s friends sees that Angad hasn’t come here and says to Simran that it looks like Angad is going to break his promise. Simran seeing this asks all the people to leave from here saying the birthday party is cancelled and leaves from there.

Daljeet brings Akir to the hospital and asks the doctor to check Akir. The doctor agrees.

All of Simran’s friends are shown to be leaving the Brar mansion. Angad stops them and asks them what is going on. Simran’s friends say to Angad that Simran has cancelled the party. Angad says the party will not be cancelled and asks the security to close the doors. Angad goes to talk to Simran. Simran’s friends comment on Brars as one of them throws them out and the other person puts them under house arrest.

Daljeet and Akir see that the doctor is about to give a tetanus shot. Akir and Daljeet gets scared seeing the injection. Daljeet doesn’t allow the doctor to give tetanus injection. The doctor asks Sahiba to explain to Daljeet as he can’t explain it to Daljeet.

Sahiba takes Daljeet to a side. Sahiba scolds Daljeet for stopping the doctor. Sahiba locks Daljeet in a room.

Sahiba makes the doctor give injection to Akir. Daljeet couldn’t stand seeing Akir being uncomfortable so he bends the iron rods of the window and comes to Akir. Sahiba says to Akir and Daljeet that Akir doesn’t need to get an injection as the doctor has already done the injection. Sahiba comments on Daljeet for his behaviour. Sahiba apologises to the doctor and says Daljeet will come tomorrow to fix the window.

Simran lashes out in her room and blames Angad for making her cry. Angad knocks on the door if Simran.

Simran opens the door and says to Angad that he broke his promise as it is 8:12 pm. Angad shows that it is 8:02 pm and says he came on time.

Simran recalls that Angad put her watch 10 min fast. Simran apologises to Angad. Angad wipes her tears and says they will cut the cake after he gets ready and leaves from there.

Sahiba admonishes Daljeet for his behaviour with the doctor. Daljeet says he can’t see tears in Akir’s eyes and if she still thinks he made a mistake then he will not eat food. Akir seeing this says he will also not eat food. Sahiba to make them eat food says she will also not eat food.

Akir seeing this writes an apology letter and says he will never ride a cycle again. Sahiba comments on Akir.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Akir’s school principal says to Daljeet and Sahiba that Akir made them proud as he got selected to District level science quiz competition and it is going to be held in GGT international school.

Simran invites Angad for her school quiz competition as chief guest. Angad agrees.

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