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The episode starts with Sahiba saying to Daljeet that they cannot grant Akir’s every wish and says to Daljeet that she is doing this for Akir’s well being. Daljeet says he can’t see tears in Akir’s eyes and asks Sahiba what can he do.

Akir says to Sahiba that he has decided not to ride a bicycle again as Sahiba and Daljeet are fighting because of him. Daljeet says to Akir that he is going to ride a bicycle but only after learning it. Daljeet says he is going to teach Akir how to ride that bicycle.

Simran thanks Angad. Simran goes to Jabjyot. Jabjyot says to Simran that in a moment’s anger she should not destroy her relationships. Simran agrees. Hansraj asks Simran to apologise to her friends. Simran apologises to her friends.

Manveer says to Angad that she doesn’t like the way that Simran lashed out at her friends in a fit of anger. Anagd says to Manveer that Simran will learn how to behave little by little. Manveer says to Angad that he is spoiling Simran. Angad says to Manveer that Simran is not just his sister and says she is also a daughter to him. Angad reminds Manveer that Inder asked him to take care of Simran like a daughter.

Simran cuts the cake. Simran feeds the cake to all the Brar family members one by one besides Kirat. Jasleen talks to Manveer about Angad caring for Simran. Manveer decides to do Angad’s marriage again.

Simran later asks Angad for his gift. Angad says he forgot about it and teases Simran.

Kirat offers help to Gurleen in cutting the cake. Gurleen comments on Kirat for betraying Veer.

Daljeet teaches Akir how to ride a bicycle. Akir says he wants his own bicycle.

Later Sahiba show a piggy bank to Akir and says they will save money in this piggy bank for his bicycle. Akir agrees and shows a really expensive bicycle that he is interested in. Daljeet agrees to buy this bicycle without thinking about the cost to make his son happy.

Angad gifts a hover board to Simran. Simran thanks Angad. Angad calls Simran princess accidentally and he thinks about Sahiba. Angad leaves from there in anger.

Daljeet looks to do a part time job as mechanic to buy Zakir his favourite bicycle. Sahiba overhears it. Sahiba asks Daljeet when will he sleep if he does work both day and night. Daljeet says he will do anything for his son. Daljeet says he wants to buy a big house for his son one day.

Angad comes to his son’s room and wishes him happy birthday looking at the cradle and thinks about his unborn son. Angad says to himself that he doesn’t when he would have born if he was alive so he is celebrating Simran’s birthday as his birthday.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Akir’s school principal says to Daljeet and Sahiba that Akir made them proud as he got selected to District level science quiz competition and it is going to be held in GGT international school.

Simran invites Angad for her school quiz competition as chief guest. Angad agrees.

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