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The episode starts with Garry offering water to Sahiba. Sahiba drinks the water and asks Angad what happened to her. Angad says they will find out about it soon. Garry says they will also find who tried to set the house on fire.

The Brar family feels relieved that Sahiba is safe. Inder thinks how did the house catch fire. Angad says they will find about it soon enough.

Seerat sees Garry in her room and asks Garry what is she doing here. Garry asks Seerat what did she do with Sahiba. Seerat stays silent.

Manveer says to Brar family that it’s a good thing that the fire hasn’t spread in the house if not their house would have been burnt to ashes due to Sahiba.

Garry brings Seerat infront of the Brar family and says to Brar family that there is no fault of Sahiba in all of this. Garry says Seerat was giving drugs to Sahiba due to which Sahiba is behaving like this.

Angad asks Seerat how could she do this and asks Seerat why did she do this. Seerat admits to Angad that she gave drugs to Sahiba so that if the court is given a strong reason then his and Sahiba’s divorce will be done quickly. Angad says to Seerat that just because she doesn’t want Sahiba to stay in the house she tried to kill Sahiba. Seerat says to Angad that it wasn’t her intention to kill Sahiba. Seerat says to Angad that it was Veer’s idea to kill Sahiba.

Angad comes to Veer and asks Veer about Seerat accusing him. Veer says to Angad that Seerat is falsely accusing him. Seerat says to Veer that he can’t escape by putting this blame on her as this whole plan belongs to him. Seerat says to Brar family that she got the drug from Veer as Veer does drugs. Veer says to his parents that Seerat is falsely accusing him. Gurleen says to Angad that Seerat is falsely accusing Veer and says Veer can never do something like that. Angad says to Gurleen that this time what Seerat is saying is the truth. Veer asks Angad what happened to him as he is trusting others more than him as last time also he made Veer apologise to Kirat. Sahiba gets shocked hearing this.

The Brar’s couldn’t believe that Veer would do drugs and ask Angad if he has any proof. Angad says yes. Garry calls the housemaid and she brings Veer’s guitar and Jacket.

Garry shows the drug packet in Veer’s guitar and these drugs belong to Veer. Veer accuses Garry of joining hands with Seerat to frame him. Angad shows the jacket to Veer and reminds Veer that he misleaded him last night using this jacket. Sahiba asks Angad how is he so sure that Veer uses drugs. Angad says he saw Veer when he was saving Sahiba from the fire. Angad says at that time he was busy saving Sahiba that’s why he didn’t catch Veer at that time.

It is shown Angad asks Garry to search Veer’s room as he thinks Veer is responsible for whatever happened to Sahiba. Garry agrees and goes to search Veer’s room.

Gurleen pleads Veer to tell her that all of these are false. Veer drinks alcohol and admits that he did it. Sahiba asks Veer why did he do this. Veer says to Sahiba that she destroyed his wedding and humiliated him that’s why he decided to destroy her.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Angad asks Seerat if she will start her life afresh with him as now Sahiba is also not in between them anymore. Sahiba calls for Angad. Angad stops Sahiba and asks Seerat if this is what she wanted to hear from him. Angad says to Seerat that she will now see what he will do with her her.

Angad brings Seerat to their doorstep and says he promised her in the past that he will take care of her. Angad says to Seerat that she doesn’t deserve his promise and throws her out of the house. Seerat says to Angad that he should not hurt a woman who is wounded in love.

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