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Episode starts with, Sahiba confronting Angad. He says that he has always stood with her and also went against his own family. She says that he didn’t even make Veer understand his mistake. Angad says that if Veer and Kirat have a problem, they will sort it out on their own, and she doesn’t need to intervene. Sahiba says that she is doing this because she will always stand with ehr little sister like he takes stand for his brother. He says that he never understood her.

He says that from now on they would do whatever they want to and won’t discuss anything. Sahiba says that this relationship ended long back. She thanks Angad for ending this relationship. Angad thinks she is all faking it since she wanted to end this before also. He wonders how she can fake so much. Sahiba apologises to Kirat for whatever happened in her roka today. Kirat says that she need not apologise to her.

Veer’s friend Sasha asks how come he fell in the trap of Veer because he is a superstar, so handsome and smart but Kirat is so downmarket. She says that she is suggesting all this being a well wisher. She says that Sahiba is exaggerating the situation and instigating Kirat against Veer. Veer comes to Kirat and Sahiba and says to Sahiba that she has already started instigating her against Veer. Kirat asks if he is out of his mind since she will never do this. She takes Veer aside and talks to her.

Veer asks if it is necessary to tell everything to Sahiba. Kirat says that she told her because he doesn’t have any realisation about what he did and how he made her feel. Veer says he isn’t a mind reader and asks her to spit oit what she is trying to say and is feeling. She says that she is feeling like dirt since that is the way he made her feel. She asks if she is nothing infront of his high class friends and maybe this is the reason he didn’t protest there. She says that she doesn’t need her protection but when he can’t protect her self respect he is not liable to be her husband. She says he did a cowardly act listening to which he slaps her. She asks what’s wrong with him. He says she forced him to do this.

Veer blames Kirat for his behavioural change and says that it is she who changed him. Kirat says his friends have changed him and she doesn’t know this person anymore. Veer asks if she doesn’t realise her problem and can’t see how much he loves her while crying. Sahiba comes and asks what’s wrong. Both remain silent. Kirat says that they just had a fight but now everything is okay. Veer says he would drop Kirat but she says he is drunk now. Veer says he is drunk but not that much that he can’t drop her.

Veer asks his driver to take out his car. Kirat realises that Veer’s success has gone into his head and changed him. Sahiba thanks Garry for the previous night. Garry says that since he is friends with Kirat now, he can do this much for a friend. As Sahiba leaves for some work, Angad follows her. Angad listens to Sahiba speaking to a lady and thinks that she has finally decided to seek divorce from him. Episode ends.

Precap – Angad brings Sahiba to a lawyer. Sahiba asks Angad why they came here. Angad says they came here to file for divorce. The lawyer asks Angad if they really want a divorce. Angad says yes.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann 27th January 2024 Written Update: Garry comes to Kirat’s aid