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The episode starts with Conductor waking up Akir saying his destination has arrived. Akir gets down from the bus at GGT International School. Akir feels happy and waits in line. Akir drops his pencil. He goes to get the pencil and sees Angad’s poster as chief guest. One of the students collides with the poster which gets misplaced. Simran tries to adjust it taking instructions from Akir. After adjusting poster Simran falls to the ground. Akir laughs at her.

Simran gets up and questions Akir if he doesn’t have respect for seniors. She asks where are his parents. Akir says he is a big boy so came alone to participate in the competition. Akir asks who is she. Simran shows him Angad’s poster and says she is the sister of the chief guest. Akir says he is not scared of her brother and tells her his father is stronger than his brother. By mistake, he hits Angad’s poster which falls down and gets ruined. Madam comes there and questions what happened. Simran complains to Madam about Akir and asks her to not let Akir participate in the competition. Madam agrees. Simran leaves from there.

Akir asks Madam to take his registration but she refuses and asks him to leave. Akir comments the world revolves around recommendations.

Daljeet and Sahiba come to GGT school looking for Akir. Angad is shown to be going to GGT International School. Daljeet and Sahiba go on a bike and they overtake Angad’s car. Angad comments on Bikers’ carelessness. Akir pleads with Madam to let him participate but she refuses. Neeraj sees Angad in his car and welcomes him to their school. Daljeet parks his bike hurriedly. He rushes inside the school with Sahiba to search for Akir. Neeraj sees someone parked the bike at a place which is reserved for Angad’s car. He asks the watchman whose bike it is. Angad sees its same bike that overtook his car and pushes it away.

The school staff welcomes Angad. Akir comes there and sees Daljeet’s bike on the ground and questions the guard who pushed his father’s bike. Watchman shows Angad to him. Akir tries to go to him but he can’t.

Sahiba and Daljeet search in the school for Akir. The principal of the school shows Angad their school Infrastructure.

Sahiba notices that her phone is dead. The students ask Angad to go into the room and press this button. Sahiba is also shown to be in that room. Angad presses the button. Angad and Sahiba see in the room that it is snowing in the room. Angad recalls her moments with Sahiba. Sahiba tries to turn on the phone. Angad later leaves the room.

Sahiba searches for her son again. Angad says he would like to stay alone. Daljeet calls for Sahiba. Sahiba goes to Daljeet. Angad overhears this and turns around but he doesn’t see Sahiba.

Daljeet says to Sahiba that he has searched the whole place and he hasn’t found him anywhere. Sahiba recalls that if Akir came here then he would have registered his name.

Sahiba and Daljeet look in the register for Akir’s name but they don’t find his name in the register. Daljeet worries about Akir. Sahiba says she will go make an announcement in the mike. Daljeet takes the mike from the school staff and leaves from there.

Akir asks Daljeet in his heart to come to him.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Daljeet sings a song. Akir comes and sings the song with Daljeet. Angad follows the voice and searches for where it came from. Sahiba hugs Akir. Angad spots Sahiba hugging Akir.

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