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The episode starts with Angad asking the Baraat to stop their music. Garry slaps the Baraat people and stops them. Garry asks Daljeet to leave from here. Daljeet comments on it and says he is going to tell what Angad is going to do.

Daljeet asks his men to bring the Dori. Daljeet says to all the Brar family that this Dori is going to be carried by Angad. Angad argues with Daljeet and asks Daljeet to leave from here if he wants the marriage to happen. Daljeet says he made a mistake by not coming here with Akir. Daljeet says he will go and bring Akir and says Akir should also know about Daljeet and Sahiba’s wedding. Sahiba says there is no need to bring Akir.

Daljeet enters the Brar mansion. Sahiba asks Daljeet what does he wants to do. Daljeet says he wants Sahiba and Daljeet’s engagement to happen today. Daljeet asks Angad not to worry and says he made all the arrangements and says to Angad he just needs to host the engagement.

Angad and Sahiba refuse to do it. Sahiba says to Daljeet that everything will not go according to his wish and she asks Daljeet to leave from here. Daljeet says to Sahiba and Angad if they do not give in to his demands then he will leave to a far away place where they will not be able to find Akir and Daljeet. Daljeet calls Akir and threatens Angad that he will tell Akir that Angad is his real father and he threw Sahiba out of the house when she was pregnant with Akir. Sahiba hearing this agrees to engagement with Daljeet. Daljeet hearing this cuts the call. Angad also agrees to rhetoric engagement.

Angad signals Sahiba to get some time. Sahiba says to Daljeet that she needs some time to prepare herself mentally and says to Daljeet that engagement is going your way be in the evening. Sahiba agrees. Sahiba also says the engagement ritual should happen according to the Brar family way. Daljeet agrees. Daljeet also puts forth a condition that he needs their phones to be with him. Angad comments on it but he still agrees to Daljeet’s condition. Sahiba drops her purse. Daljeet picks it up and gives it to Sahiba. Daljeet asks Sahiba what is in the purse that she is looking scared. Sahiba comments on it.

Episode ends.

Precap:-In the news it is reported that Sahiba was shot dead right outside the court. The reporter says the police arrested Sahiba on some case and she was shot and murdered when the police were taking Sahiba to court. The reporter asks the audience to watch to find out who is the shooter. The reporter learn about Angad Singh Brar and cuts the video.

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