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The episode starts with Akir saying to Daljeet and Sahiba that he is going to sleep in between Daljeet and Sahiba. Daljeet convinces Akir that he is too mature to do that and puts him to sleep in his bedroom. Daljeet decides to gift Akir his favourite cycle on his birthday.

Biji sees Daljeet sleeping outside. Biji asks Daljeet why does he always sleeps outside instead of with Sahiba. Daljeet says he likes fresh air. Biji asks Daljeet how will Akir have a brother or sister if he stays away from Sahiba. Daljeet asks Biji to leave it. Biji comments on Daljeet and leaves from there.

The next day, Biji doesn’t drink the tea given by Daljeet. Twinkle asks Biji if she is angry with Daljeet. Biji says yes and tries to tell them the reason but Daljeet interrupts Biji and doesn’t allow her to speak. Sahiba notices a ticket falling out of Daljeet’s purse and she asks Daljeet about it. Daljeet says this is a surprise and he will tell her later. Daljeet leaves from there.

Akir decides to teach a lesson to Angad. Angad decides to buy some clothes for Simran. Angad asks the driver where is the nearest market. The driver says there is only Tilak market near here. Akir overhearing this goes to the market before him in a shortcut.

Angad buys dresses for Simran. Akir releases Sattu’s buffaloes onto the road and he puts grass around Angad’s car. Angad tries to go but he couldn’t go anywhere as buffaloes surround his car. Angad gets down from the car and tries to send the buffaloes away. Akir and some kids seeing this laugh at Angad.

Sattu learns from his friend that his buffaloes have been released onto the road by Akir and he calls and complaints to Sahiba about it. Sahiba says she is coming there right away.

Satti comments on Akir as he released his buffaloes onto the road. Angad seeing this asks Akir if he is the one who released the buffaloes onto the road and says a lot of people are getting troubled by it. Akir sees Angad coming towards him runs away and hides from him.

Akir talks to Angad while hiding from him. Angad tries to catch Akir. Angad dares Akir to come in front of him if he has the guts. Akir comes in front of Angad and says he is not afraid of him. Akir’s friend comes and says to Akir that Sattu complained to Sahiba about him. Akir hearing this leaves from there.

Akir runs into Sahiba. Angad is shown to be cleaning the stain on his pant. Sahiba seeing Akir chases him on her cycle.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Sahiba and Angad notice Akir is about to get into an accident with a truck. Sahiba falls off the cycle. Angad goes running to Akir.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann 1st April 2024 Written Update: Akir vows to teach a lesson to Angad