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The episode starts with Simran falling into a truck when she spots Sahiba leaving on a bike. Simran loses consciousness in the truck. The school staff in the mike announces asking Simran to come to the registration counter.

Daljeet and Akir have a competition of eating Gol Gappe. Sahiba thinks of her past with Angad.

Simran wakes up and asks the truck driver to stop the car. The truck driver stops the truck and asks the cleaner to check if there is any woman in the back. The cleaner says if there is a woman here they would have enjoyed some time with her. Simran hearing this hides from the cleaner when he tries to look in the back of the truck. The cleaner later says to truck driver that there is no woman and asks the truck driver to start the truck.

Simran calls Angad and says to Angad that she has fallen into a truck and this truck is going away. Simran comes and asks Angad to save her as she doesn’t think this truck driver is a good person. Simran tries to tell Angad that there is luggage of Panesar grain store but Angad only hears Panesar’s name due to bad connection. Simran also loses her phone when the truck goes over speed breaker. Simran searches for her phone.

Angad gets into his car and asks the driver to drive to Panesar as fast as possible. Angad decides to go to Simran by using her phone’s location.

Angad’s car just rushed by Daljeet’s bike. Akir comments on them. Sahiba asks Akir to leave it. Angad calls the cops and informs them about Simran.

Biji and Twinkle say to Akir how worried they are for him. Akir apologises to Biji and Twinkle. Sahiba gets a call from Sardar ji about the order. Sahiba apologises to Sardar ji. Sahiba says to Daljeet that she forgot about Sardar ji’s order and says she will go and make the delivery. Akir apologises to Sahiba as because of him, she forgot about the order. Akir says if he was a grown up he would have gone to do the delivery. Daljeet asks Akir not to worry and says he will do the delivery for Sahiba. Akir agrees.

Angad comes and meets the police officer. The police officer asks Angad why would he thinks his sister is kidnapped. Angad says Simran was scared on the phone and she also told him that these men are not good so he thinks Simran is in trouble.

The truck driver stops at Panesar grain store. The truck driver and cleaner go to eat food. Simran thinks this is the best chance to escape.

The police assure Angad that they will find Simran. Angad says he wants results.

Daljeet hears about the cycling competition and he notices the first prize is Akir’s favourite cycle. Daljeet decides to win the championship to get Akir’s favorite cycle. He registers his name for the race paying the money.

Police enquire everyone showing Simran’s photo. Angad grows worried for Simran. Simran goes near hand pump to drink water but she sees truck coming in that way. She feels scared thinking if they are coming to catch her. She runs from there. The inspector says to Angad that Simran’s phone is switched off so they are unable to trace her. Angad asks them to search for Simran in another way.

Episode ends.

Recap – Daljeet gets Simran’s phone. He switches on the phone and decides to give that phone to Police. Angad comes there and catches Daljeet with Simran’s phone. He questions him where is his sister. Daljeet says he doesn’t know. Angad beats him. Simran slips and falls unconscious. Sahiba hears the sound and goes to check. She sees unconscious Simran.

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