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The episode starts with the police inspector saying to Angad that they tried to trace Simran’s last location but the phone has been switched off. Angad says he knows about it but they need to do something to find Simran. The police inspector agrees.

Simran thinks how will she contact Angad as she doesn’t even know where is she in the woods.

Twinkle comes and asks Sahiba why is she looking worried. Sahiba says she was worried about Akir before. Twinkle says until Daljeet is here nothing will happen to Akir. Sahiba says she knows about it. Biji speaks about the relationship between a Father and son.

Daljeet does the delivery. The buyer asks Daljeet to tell Sahiba to do the delivery on time the next time. Daljeet agrees.

Daljeet notices Surendar is unloading from the truck and he offers to help Surendar. Surendar agrees. Daljeet while unloading the truck he finds Simran’s phone and asks Surendar if this phone belongs to him. Surendar says no. Daljeet turns on the phone to see whose phone it is.

Angad gets message that Simran’s phone is turned on. Angad says to the inspector about it. Angad and the cops go to Simran’s phone location.

Daljeet decides to give this phone to the cops. Angad and the cops reach Daljeet’s location. Angad takes Simran’s phone and asks Daljeet where is his sister. Daljeet asks Angad who is he and who is his sister. Angad hits Daljeet. Daljeet says to Angad that he is speaking with respect to him thinking about his situation but it doesn’t give him the right to speak to him like this. Angad tries to hit Daljeet with a rod but the cops stop Angad and they ask Angad to allow them to do their job. The cops show the photo of Simran and and question Daljeet.

Simran while running loses consciousness and falls on the ground. Sahiba spots Simran unconscious and sees that she has fever so she decides to admit her in the hospital.

The cops take Daljeet to the police station to question him.

Sahiba admits Simran in the hospital. The nurse sees Simran’s id and says this is girl is from GGT international school. Twinkle and Akir come and say to Sahiba that Daljeet is taken away by the cops. Sahiba leaves to the police station.

The cops question Daljeet in the police station. Angad suggest the cops to question Daljeet’s family also. Daljeet warns Angad that if he tries to involve his family then he will not leave him.

Angad gets a call from the Panesar town hospital that Simran is admitted here and she has high fever. Angad warns Daljeet that if anything happens to Simran he will not leave him.

Angad leaves from there. Surendar tries to tell
Angad that Daljeet is innocent but Angad doesn’t listen and leaves from there. Akir watches all of this from afar.

Akir comes and asks Daljeet if he is feeling pain. Sahiba questions the cops why did they arrest Daljeet. The cops say that he is suspected in kidnapping a girl and that girl is a sister of a big businessman in Ludhiana.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Angad asks Simran who admitted her here. Simran takes Sahiba’s name in her sleep. Angad thinks why did Simran take Sahiba’s name.

Daljeet while eating food says to Sahiba about Angad saying he can do anything for his family as once he got a call from Panesar town hospital he left rushing. Sahiba hearing this says she might know the girl.

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