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The episode starts with Veer asking Angad and Sahiba to speak what is in their hearts. All the Brar family encourage Angad and Sahiba to speak what is in their heart.

Sahiba says to Veer that he is right. Sahiba says to Angad that she would like to tell him something in front of everyone. Sahiba says to Angad that she really loves him. Angad gets stunned with Sahiba’s confession. All the Brar family members praise Sahiba.

They continue the Haldi ceremony. Kirat looks at Garry and Garry also looks at Kirat. Garry leaves from there. Kirat also gets up when Garry leaves from there.

Veer asks Kirat why did she get up when Gurleen was about to apply Haldi to her. Kirat says she has to go to the washroom and leaves from there.

Gurleen thinks what happened to Kirat. Santosh says Kirat is a little tensed and nothing more than that.

Kirat comes to Garry’s room. Garry asks Kirat what is she doing here. Kirat asks Garry why is she avoiding her. Garry reminds Kirat that Veer already said her the reason for it. Garry also reveals to Kirat that he is going to Delhi tomorrow. Kirat gets upset hearing this. Garry asks Kirat why is she upset. Kirat says to Garry that he is a liar. Garry asks Kirat when did he lie to her. Kirat reminds Garry that he told her he will always be with her. Garry reminds Kirat that she is going to start her life afresh. Kirat says to Garry that all of Veer’s friends will come to the wedding and he is her only friend. Kirat asks Garry to swear on her that he will not go anywhere. Kirat gets a phone call from Veer. Kirat leaves from there. Kirat runs into Sahiba. Sahiba asks Kirat if she came here to meet Garry. Kirat leaves from there.

Garry apologises to Kirat in his heart and says to himself that he can’t see Kirat getting married to Veer. Sahiba overhears all of this and she questions Garry about it. Garry assures Sahiba that he never manipulated Kirat and says he never knew when he fell in love with Kirat. Garry assures Sahiba that he will never reveal his feelings to Kirat and asks Sahiba not to worry. Sahiba says even if he hides his feelings it will complicate their relationship. Sahiba says to Garry that he should not stay here when Kirat gets married. Garry asks Sahiba not to worry and says he will leave for Delhi tomorrow.

Sahiba recalls what happened and gets distracted. Angad comes to Sahiba and asks Sahiba if what she said at the Haldi ceremony is it true or not. Sahiba says to Angad that she doesn’t think it is necessary for her to answer him. Sahiba says he can think whatever she wants. Sahiba offers turmeric milk to Angad and leaves from there.

Garry comes to Angad and reveals to Angad that he is leaving to Delhi tomorrow as he got a job offer. Garry asks Angad to wish him all the best. Angad asks Garry why the sudden change. Garry says Sahiba convinced him that he should start his life afresh. Angad gets stunned with Garry’s revelation. Garry later leaves from there. Angad thinks Sahiba sent Garry away from here for him as he can’t stand Garry. Angad thinks he might have really hurried in divorcing Sahiba.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Angad tears the divorce papers. Angad decided to patch up his relationship with Sahiba. Sahiba says to Angad that it’s too late. Angad sees the worst condition of Sahiba and asks her what happened.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann 2nd February 2024 Written Update: Sahiba agrees with Angad to put on an act.