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The episode starts with Sahiba giving medicine to Angad. Hansraj says all’s well that ends well. Prabjyot asks Sahiba if she is going to stay here. Sahiba says she will leave the house once Angad gets completely treated.

Manveer comes and says to Veer to take Angad to his room as he needs rest. Angad rejects Sahiba’s help and goes with Veer.

Manveer stops Sahiba and says to Sahiba that she doesn’t need to do anything and asks Sahiba to leave. Sahiba says she will not leave until Angad gets completely cured. Sahiba asks Manveer why couldn’t she do this argument in front of Angad. Manveer says Angad doesn’t know what’s right for him and says she knows what’s right for Angad. Manveer asks Sahiba to divorce Angad and says that she will do Angad’s marriage with Seerat. Inder argues with Manveer and reminds Manveer that all of this happened due to her announcement. Inder also reminds Manveer that Angad came back to their home only because of Sahiba. Manveer reminds Inder that Angad got into trouble all because of Sahiba.

Manveer says to Sahiba that she only gave sadness after coming into Angad’s life. Manveer asks Sahiba to sign on the divorce papers. Sahiba asks Manveer to first get Angad’s signature on these divorce papers then she will sign on these documents. Manveer asks Sahiba to not tell her what to do. Sahiba says to Angad that she needs to know what Angad thinks about their relationship. Sahiba says she will talk to Angad once he gets cured. Sahiba tries to leave.

Seerat thinks if Angad and Sahiba talk to each other. Angad might realise that he proposed to Seerat instead of Sahiba.

Seerat stops Sahiba from going to Angad and says to Sahiba that Angad saved her only out of the goodness of his heart. Manveer comes forward and says Angad saved her to prove that he didn’t do anything wrong not because he has any special feelings for Sahiba. Seerat asks Sahiba to sign on these documents and leave from here. Sahiba feels shattered and gets ready to sign on the documents but Seerat stops Sahiba sayings he wants to record this moment. Seerat goes to get her phone. Sahiba recalls what happened and feels shattered.

Episode ends.

Precap:-Angad sees Seerat from the back and thinks it is Sahiba. Angad comes infront and sees that it is Seerat. Angad understands that last time he might have proposed to Seerat instead of Sahiba and because is Seerat staying silent there we’re misunderstandings between him and Sahiba. Angad asks Seerat to reveal the truth infront of everyone. Angad says to Sahiba that Seerat is going to reveal the truth.

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