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The episode starts with The anchor saying the second prize winner gets the bicycle. Daljeet and others don’t understand what is going on. The anchor clarifies that the prizes for first and second have been changed and second winner gets a bicycle and first winner gets a Rs 50000 cash prize. The anchor tries to invite Angad onto the stage but Angad signals him not to do it as he is one who sponsored Rs 50000 for the first prize. Daljeet sees Angad. The anchor asks Daljeet to take his prize. Daljeet takes his prize and gives it to Akir.

Angad comes to Daljeet. He apologises to Daljeet and thanks him for the help. Daljeet says he knows how anyone feels when it’s related to the family. He asks how is Simran. Angad says she is fine and asks if he can do anything for him. Daljeet says he made her win the cycle and he knows it. Angad says he did it seeing his love for his son not in another way. Angad sees Akir and tells Daljeet that his son’s happiness is making him happy too. He thanks Daljeet for turning on Simran’s mobile. Daljeet comments on Angad. He introduces Akir to Angad.

Angad slowly asks Akir if he remembers him. Akir asks Angad to not tell about their encounter with Daljeet. Angad asks if he is still angry with him. Akir says he can never forgive him. Angad pleads with him to forgive him. Daljeet comments they are talking to each other like they have known each other for a long. Angad says Akir helped him before. He says to Daljeet that his wife is careless in Akir’s matter. Daljeet stands by Sahiba and says to Angad that he may misunderstood his wife. He tells Angad that his wife only joined his sister in the hospital. He says no mother can be careless in her child’s matter. Angad says he knows the one. Daljeet asks Angad to come to meet his wife. Angad agrees. Daljeet invites Angad to his son’s birthday party on next day. Angad agrees to attend the party. Angad takes Daljeet’s phone number.

Sahiba comes to the venue. Daljeet sees Sahiba and says to Angad that his wife is here. Organizers call Angad aside. Angad goes to talk to him. Akir happily shows his cycle to Sahiba. Sahiba says to Daljeet that he finished his promise. They leave from there. Angad sees Daljeet and his family leaving in a rickshaw. Angad thinks wish my son was alive then I may shower my love on him like Daljeet loving Akir.

At home, Sahiba asks Daljeet how he won the cycle. He tells her how prizes are exchanged because of Angad. He says he forgot to ask his name. Sahiba understands it’s Angad. She asks why he came. Daljeet tells her Angad came to seek his forgiveness. He praises Angad. He said Angad is the reason for Akir’s happiness. Sahiba says Akir is happy because of him not because of Sir Ji. She thinks it’s time for her to do it.

Daljeet listens song. He recalls his moment with Akir. Salhiba comes to him and gives Akir’s birth certificate to Daljeet. Daljeet is deeply moved to see Sahiba included his name as Akir’s father. Daljeet says to Sahiba he is happy to get a son like Akir. Sahiba says Akir is lucky to have him. Daljeet thanks her for giving him so much happiness. Sahiba says he won the right. Sahiba thanks him for everything. Later Sahib sees their family photo and thinks Daljeet is best father. He prays to Baba Ji for her family happiness and requests him to keep Angad away from her family.

Episode ends.

Precap – Angad and Sahiba come face to face on Akir’s birthday.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th April 2024 Written Update: Angad makes Daljeet win the cycle