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The episode starts with Mahi drops her customer and on the way back she hits a man, she gets out of her car and helps him to get him to the hospital but when he sees Mahi he trembles and runs from there. Mahi is shocked and cannot understand why ran after looking at her. While driving back she tries to remember the person she had accident then she remembers that when she was dropping Seema and Renu for Amritsar, he was the driver of the car. She stops her car and runs to find that man but couldn’t find him she doubted him that he knows something about her kother and sister which she doesn’t know. She finds a temple, she prays to God to find that man. Meanwhile she gets a call from her brother-in-law. She tells him that she was trying to reach him from so many days but he didn’t responded. He tells her that his phone was under repair that’s why. She then ask about Renu and Seema and how are they as after they went from here she couldn’t contact them.

Deepak is surprised he tells her that he didn’t called anyone here, as well as he tells Mahi that from many days he didn’t even talked with Renu. She hangs the call and is shocked as she didn’t know where her mother and sister were. She then sees the man walking infront of her, she runs towards him with a stick. She hits him badly with that stick and ask about her mother and Renu, he tries to show that he doesn’t know her or anyone. When Mahi hits him harder, he also hits Mahi and she fells down, she doesn’t have strength to go behind him. He is also injured and cannot walk faster, then Mahi gathers her strength and goes behind him. She finds a big stone and hits on him he falls down.ahi then picks up a big rock and threatens him that she will kill him, then he opens his mouth and tells her donot kill him he will answer her. Mahi then ask him about her mother and sister.

The man signals him about a spot, she goes there and finds two graves. As she turned to find him he ran away from her. She then tries to dig the grave and is feeling very disturbed. When she digs the grave she finds that the dead body is wearing the bangle she gave to her mother. She cries out loud, she tehn tries to call Jogi but he was busy on another phone and didn’t see her call. She then runs from there to inform to Jogi. The man calls Avneet and informs her that she have to show the place where he had buried Seema and Renu as Mahi was going to kill him. He tells her that she is safe as he didn’t told her the name of the person for whom he did this. Avneet gets furious on him and tells h that he did blunder. Then she hangs his call and throws her mobile.

Avneet breaks down as if Jogi will get to know about the murder she did. She says that she doesn’t want to lose Jogi at any cost. Ahead Mahi runs inside the home and calls Jogi, she falls down on the entrance. Jogi runs to her and ask her what had happened, she says that mummy and Renu di is dead. Jogi ask her where she have seen them, she tells that in jungle. Jogi ask Mahi to let’s go there with Ripa and Biji. Avneet thinks that she is sorry for what she has done but then she says that she cannot let anyone know the truth.

The end.