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The episode starts with Jaya covers Thapki head with Duppatta. Thapki asks if she made it. Jaya nods than Thapki says thanks for thinking about me and I will get everything when I have your blessings. Jaya gets emotional than Thapki asks why she is feeling emotional. Tripathi says she will know once her daughter gets married. Thapki says she won’t be stranger to them even if she go from this house and she tells to her Mom that she have to bear her for life time. Sudha and Preethi comes Infront of them with expensive clothes and googles and they show off them. Tripathi asks how they get so much money to buy them. Sudha lies to him that she broke her savings for his good health as it’s needed to ready in Karva chauth.

Purab feels happy seeing the Thapki who comes to their home with her family and he tells to Purab that she is looking cute. Purab thinks he talking about Preethi. Thapki takes blessings of Veena and apologies to her for last night mishappening. Veena says it’s not your mistake so forget about it and she thinks Thapki will become her daughter in law. Priyanka stops Thapki when she about to say something thsn she says Armaan is here and she asks how he is feeling. Armaan says finally he is going experiance the Karva chauth with his would be wife. Thapki blushes. Purab notices it. Dadi asks the to complete the ritual. Tripathi asks If gents needs to do it. Dadi says it’s ritual that husband’s must decorate Thali. Armaan asks Purab where is Hansika. Veena thinks seems like Hansika accepted the deal and she calls Purab saying she needs to talk with him.

Dadi asks Men to decorate Thali quickly. Sudha asks Priyanka for more money. Priyanka says let’s talk later. Armaan feels happy seeing Thapki face in water. Thapki thinks to asks Purab about her mehendi. Purab asks his Mom what she wants to talk with him. Veena about to tell Hansika can’t come but she gets shocked seeing Hansika and she hugs Purab than takes blessings of Veena than she tells to Purab that his Mom helped her Dad by giving them blank cheque knowing her Dad’s bankruptcy and where I can get this kind of Mom in law. Purab thanks his Mom for accepting Hansika and he goes to decorate the Thali.

Hansika tells to Veena that she can’t buy her as Purab is important to her along with singing. Veena says you didn’t utilised the chance, so let’s see . Hansika says I like your attitude, game is on so get ready to accept your defeat and she leaves from Veena room. Thapki shows mehendi hand to Purab and asks him what happened last night. Purab says you’re the one who did everything and now you’re trying to blame me and I saw how you’re seeing Armaan. Thapki says she can see him. Purab says he is getting married and I won’t let you spoil his life and he leaves. Thapki thinks seems like he is drunk.

Dadi explains to everyone it’s vrat for their husbands long life. Purab goes to attend his call. Dadi asks Everyone to start the ritual. Priyanka asks Preethi to stay near Thapki to handle situation. Veena sees Thapki took Purab thali and she thinks maybe it’s sign of Maata rani that Thapki is for Purab. Anshul teases Sargam. Sargam warns him to stay away. Dadi says moon came so you can stand near your husband’s. Hansika drags Purab to come with her. Thapki prays for her would be husband life and health, Armaan bends down to hold apple than Thapki sees Purab face through sieve and gets shocked.

Purab fell down by hitting mirror and It’s about to fell on him but Thapki saves him by shielding him. Everyone gets shocked. Hansika feels irritated. Purab notices Thapki in Dizzy state tha he breaks her fast by making her drink the water. Arman says she was in shock and they takes her to do first aid. Sapna tells to Dadi that it’s wrong as Thapki drank water from Purab hand. Dadi asks her to not make it as drama and sends her. Veena tells to Dadi that it’s Maata rani sign that Thapki is going to be my daughter in law. Hansika makes Purab breaks her fast. Than Veena tells him that she wants to talk with him. Purab agrees.

Episode ends.