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Thavamai Thavamirundhu is a newly launched show in Zee Tamil. The story revolves around an old couple Markandeyan and Parvathy who has worked their entire life to provide their kids with a better life. Things take a turn when Markandeyan retired. The serial focuses on the untold aspect of the elderly couple and the problem they face.

Previously we have seen Manohar’s son handoverred the check to Markandeyan. Markandeyan decides to settle their children’s debt. Markandeyan and Neelakantan reached the bank to get the cash. Markandeyan children eagerly waited for Markandeyan arrival. Savitri gets hospitalized.

In today’s episode, Raja and Ravi shift Savitri to an ambulance. Raja worries about the expanse. He tells Meghala to stop Savitri’s problem. Meghala gets emotional at the doctor’s statement. Raja is not ready to spend money on Savitiri’s medical expanse. Meghala worries about Savitiri’s critical state. Raja informs Savitiri’s poor health state to her.

Savitri pleads with Raja to take care of her. The doctor suggests trust to Raja when he pretended to have money. Raja and Meghala visit the temple to meet the person. Markandeyan and Sita overhear them. Markadneyan desires to help Savitri. The next day, Markandeyan, Neelakatan, and Sita reach the hospital to pay off Savitiri’s medical expanse.

They meet Doctor to settle the money. Savitri, and Meghala thought that Raja’s pay off the medical expenses. Raja insults Markandeyan when he fails to pay off the money. Savitri insults Markandeyan and Sita.

Will Markandeyan settle Raja’s money? How will Malar convince Pandi? Will Markandeyan accepts Malar and Pandi? How will Markandeyan’s children act towards Markandeyan? Will Sita and Markandeyan go out of the home? Keep checking this space for the latest update on your Zee Tamizh shows.