Actor Mrunal Jain who was last seen in  is a sports enthusiast. He recently went to Della and pampered himself. He says, “Sports always makes me feel good. I love car and bikes. It gives a lot of thrill“.
On being asked what kind of work he wants to do he says, “I wish to do Khatro Ke Khiladi as my physicality is perfect for it. Adventurous stuff gives me a high. Bikes and cars always excite me since childhood”.
When asked if any sports he plays he says, “As an actor its difficult to take out time for sports. I have my gym schedules which I don’t miss even for a day. Every person can’t do everything at the same time. Being an actor isn’t as easy as it is assumed. Whenever I get an opportunity for adventure activities I don’t miss it. Visiting Della was one such activity. The weather is cold so it was all the more enjoyable. The bike elevated my spirit and  the bike drive made me feel like a youngster”.
Well the joy on your face does speak thousand words Mrunal!