Ardent fans of Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishte Hai Pyar Ke will vouch for the fact that Abir, Kunal Rajvansh and Meenakshi Rajvansh are the three important pillars of the show. Since the time the show was launched there have been many emotional and dramatic scenes between actor Shaheer Sheikh (Abir), Ritvik Arora (Kunal) and Rupal Patel (Meenakshi). In fact the audience has always showered extra love and compassion whenever the trio shared screen.

Speaking about their on screen camaraderie Rupal says,” The rapport between three of us is very professional and I am having a great time on set. I always prefer rehearsing my dialogues, firstly with my director and then with my co-actors.” The fans have always liked the scenes and dialogues between the mother and the sons. What is the reason behind this? “According to me Meenakshi is a righteous mother. She loves her sons. There are conflicts between her and Abir but Kunal is Minu ka laadla.

Meenakshi is not only a caring mother, she is extremely commanding and does things to maintain her world intact. Fans love to see the contrast of both. Lovingness of mother and son and then also the conflicts.” So whom does she bond most with? Shaheer or Ritvik? “This you have to ask both of them as well, whenever I am on set I have very professional interactions with my co-actors. I am reserved too so on set work is my only priority.”