The current track is gradually brewing up for a courtroom drama in upcoming episodes of Kundali Bhagya. Sherilyn is hell bent on sending Preeta behind bars and given bribes to every officer concern to make this happen. On the other side, Karan has promised Preeta to take her out of jail with clean chit. 

On suggestion by Karan’s lawyer, he talks to Mahira. He proposes a deal with her that if she gives testimony in favor of Preeta in court, he will be ready to do marriage with her while Sherilyn is listening to this conversation from behind curtains. 

If we look at the scenarios, Preeta is already married to Karan and not divorced yet. Every function of Karan’s wedding is first done along with Preeta and then by Mahira, whether it is engagement or mehndi. Also, makers won’t take the risk of separating PreeRan through a second marriage which won’t be viable in court. 

Although, Sherilyn overhearing might create problems or may be she tries to kill Karan as she blurted out in front of comatose Mahesh. (High time for Mahesh to come out of coma.)

If Sherilyn don’t do anything to Karan or won’t be able to do and track moves ahead with Mahira and Karan’s marriage then high changes are there that makers are making the track for remarriage of PreeRan. This time it will be in front of Luthras and they will be tracks ahead for clearing all misunderstandings once Preeta is in Luthra house. 

What do you think will happen? Is this jail track is another way of bringing PreeRan together by CV’s or there is separation ahead with lot of adverse characters working in sync to create troubles in their life. 

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