Every show has some signature things which repeatedly happens during the scene. It could be a gesture, a word, a thing or a character associated with the show.  

Since, Sanjivani 2 is a medical drama, there are room for many unique terms or characters. Loyal viewers would recall Sanjivani 2 scenes when they hear/overhear, read or discuss about these terms/things/scenes. 

OT (Operation Theatre):

In Sanjivani, whoever is coming with whatever disease, only solution is Operation Theatre. Take the patient to OT and everything is sorted. Don’t all fans agree that whenever they see an OT ward, they remember Sanjivani 2. 


Dr. Ishani has Germaphobia. She is so germaphobic that she is reluctant to touch. So, next time when someone washes his/her hands after shaking hands, you will surely remember Dr. Ishani. 

Pink Butterfly:

#IshaniHasLoveria and therefore she is imagining butterflies around her. Don’t you recall her when you sees one?

Heart Beat (Dhak-Dhak):

Whatever be the reason, could be gastric, could be cardiac condition or something else, but you remembers Dr. Ishani’s dhak dhak heart beat when you encounter one. 


Dr. Sid’s first episode ride in a chopper for a patient. Can anyone forget that handsome doctor coming out with chiseled torso? Oops! your chopper is waiting, wake up!


Yup, a very common word of Hindi. But Guddu calls Dr. Ishani as pareshani. Now we have a pareshani. How can we not recall Dr. Ishani when we will have pareshani?

Network Problem:

This is what we face everyday. But after the SidIsha tower search we all get a glimpse in our imagination once we a network failure. 

Vada Pav:

Vada Pav makes us remember the force feed scene of between SidIsha. Are you having Vada Pav today? We are sure you will. 

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