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Zee Tamil popular hit comedy show ‘Thirumathi Hitler’s is all set to entertain audience with the new track. Now show concentrating in How Hasini gonna propose AJ. Earlier we saw that AJ brought Juliet to home. Viewers will see that Hasini to support the Robots.

In Today’s episode we see; Maya and Chithra feels itching after wearing the make up. Remo and Juliet feels happy to see their state. AJ comes back to home. Hasini hides seeing him. AJ asks Remo to do massage to him but Hasini do it for him. AJ finds her out and lashes out at Hasini for coming infront of him. Hasini takes a lesson to him in the name of love but AJ asks her to get out from his room. Hasini brainwashed Remo and Juliet. She makes them go against AJ. Remo and Juliet asks AJ to give permission to take rest but he tries to separate Remo and Juliet. They gets angry on him and decide to withdraw from their duty. AJ contacts to the southern robot and asks him to take the robot with him.
In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Hasini will question AJ and tease him with robot. AJ will lashes out at her. Maya and Chithra will argue with Remo and Juliet. Juliet will freeze Chithra. Maya will pretend like supporting her and contact the southern robot owner. She will inform to him that both Robo are trying to attack them. He will ask her to take the chip from them. Maya and Chithra will remove their chip and ties them in rope. Hasini will untie them and offers help to them.

What will happen next? Will Hasini help both Robot to escape from that house? Will AJ find out the truth?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.