Looking at the online shopping habits of the glamorous people
While it’s a lot of fun spotting celebs at your local mall or at some trendy hi-fashion store, a lot of celebs are increasingly indulging in online shopping. Besides the privacy that online shopping offers them, celebs also get some amazing deals that the online stores have to offer. But what do they shop for? Let’s find out!
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Mrunal Jain : I do a lot of online shopping because there are many offers, and it’s convenient. Since I am a gym freak, I buy a lot of protein shakes and protein bars. Besides, there a some really cool t-shirts at cheap prices. And, with apps like Paytm, where one can avail discounts, it’s a win-win situation. In fact, I even buy stuff for my friends from the internet. I recently purchased shoes for myself and my friends. So yes, overall I have a good experience doing online shopping.
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Rashami Desai : I do shop online, but I’m selective about it. Sometimes I order shoes and tops because there are several options to choose from, and it’s all available at the click of a button. And with cash on delivery, it becomes easy to pay once I get my stuff. I also order food online as there are apps available with some amazing discount and they even deliver at home.
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Shashank Vyas : The internet is so simple, and saves me a lot of time and energy. Since me and my father live together, we order groceries online to save time. Shopping wise, I am fond of sunglasses so I order them online, and clothes too.
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Aniruddh Dave : I have been shooting nonstop for my show Yaro so, I not only shop online but also pay my bills on the internet. We have all the technology available so it should be used effectively. I buy clothes and gifts and even books.
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Laksh  : For a young person like me, who is busy, online shopping is a luxury! It gives you the option of browsing for food products, chocolates and clothes. There are several sites and you can even compare rates. At times it has helped me because I get t-shirts that aren’t even available in stores. So yes, I’m all for online shopping.
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Sumit Kaul: Apart from regular groceries I source 60% of things I need online either for personal use or home related items. I purchase all kinds of things online. From toiletries to items meant for kitchen use to Electronics to even some clothing. Although for clothes shopping I prefer going to a shop and doing trials but there have been instances where I have purchased T-shirts or track pants online.There are several advantages to online shopping one of them being convenience. It’s a great help to have your purchased item delivered home without you having to go through the torture of travelling in the city traffic. The return policy is online also a great benefit. Online shopping also ensures one has a large variety of options to choose from. But there are some disadvantages to online shopping as well. Since everything seems to be happening in the virtual world One can lose sight of reality and end up over spending. Since things are happening from home and it’s convenient it can easily become an addiction. Insert an items specially electronics one needs to be careful as you might end up being shortchanged and be given a product that is either out of warranty or second hand. However overall I think the benefits of online shopping definitely Out do its disadvantages.
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Vahbiz Dorabajee : I am hooked on to online shopping now a days especially on instagram. I have picked up awesome begs and phone covers and accessories. Options are easy to browse and there is no waiting to pay the bill like in shopping malls. The convenience of online shopping cant be denied and one can do it anytime.