Actress Erica Fernandes who is currently ruling the small screen and winning a lot of accolades for her ongoing role as ‘Prerna’ in Kasauti Zindagi Ki2, has been a very private person offscreen, and someone who has always kept her personal space far away from the cameras and paparazzi!

So when Erica recently decided to post a small glimpse of her personal life on instagram with a very cute photo of a ring on her finger and a lovely caption to go with it, people were quite surprised and got speculative about whether Erica was trying to make an announcement of some sort or indirectly hinting at someone special in her life through the post!

So clearing the air about everybody’s speculations, Erica shares,”When I put up the post, I didn’t think too much as honestly this was just a general post about my personal life and space. A lot of people think I am very secretive in certain aspects, but that is not true, as I prefer being more private about my personal life. So today I just thought of opening up a bit more to people so that they can know a little more information about my own space, but again not too much! So for now this small sneak peak is more than enough from my side.”

Though as stated by a source, there is someone special in Erica’s life who is not from the industry and not someone whose name we are going to get to know anytime soon!